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Yoga teacher Shiva Rea’s journaling exercise helps you contemplate your life on every level.

As we reach the end of a cycle, we feel the teachings of completion—what is dying to be reborn, an awareness of the shadow side of ourselves to be “composted” and transformed. The solstice-New Year offers a mirror of every new cycle that will arise—new moons and changes in seasons. Much as people often make New Year’s resolutions, we can reflect upon our seven fires (or seven chakras) as a way to complete the old and ignite seeds for the new cycle—not just for New Year but for all the junctures ahead.


These new cycles are part of collective time synched with the greater alignment of the waxing-waning sun and moon to clear out the old and invoke the energy of the new. This is a time to refine our samkalpas—our will and our motivations—by holding and burning them in the fire of the heart.


Firekeeping Practice

Igniting a New Year-New Cycle

During any new cycle, but particularly at the winter solstice–Christmas–New Year cycle, you can ignite a special candle that can last through the whole year (or a shorter cycle if you wish). This candle is lit only during special holidays and represents the concentration of your life-energy fuel, intentions, and dedicated tending of the fire of the heart through that period. You can offer this as a gift to others or yourself. You can make the candle by hand or simply enjoy the color, size, and symbolism of one you have purchased, as a powerful offering to your altar and ritual life. It will bring continuity, passion, peace, and clarity through the fire of consciousness that you ignite on the solstice, Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve day. Create your own ritual way to ignite the new.


Renewal of Heart Fire Reflection

Tending the Seven Fires

The seven fires of the seven chakras (psycho-energetic centers) provide a map for our reflection, for the New Year or for the beginning of any new cycle. The chakras represent the movement from the foundation of our presence here upon the earth to our capacity for creative manifestation and the fires of love, including our enlightened vision: a capacity to see through the veils and understand on increasingly intimate levels what the alchemical journey of the year holds for us.


Renewing our fires takes place at both cellular and symbolic levels. The New Year is our opportunity to be born again. We must listen deeply during this time of the emerging light and become quiet as the earth, engages in a coiling, inward process of revitalization and renewal. The following reflection can be done at the turn of the year or at the beginning of any new cycle.


1. Tending Your Vital Fire

Muladhara Chakra

Feel into the state of your physical fire now, including your health and vitality. Reflect upon any imbalances you may find. What’s going on with your health? What do you want to stoke with your physical fire? What imbalances do you want to address? What do you want to transform and nourish within your physical fire? Establish your “seed goals” for your vitality and what you want to cultivate, and write down one-to-three seed intentions for your physical fire in the new cycle to come.


2. Tending Your Creative-Sensual Fire

Swadhisthana Chakra

Meditate upon the state of your creative process, upon what is being born and manifested through you. What aspects of your creative-sensual fire, inner or outer, need to be ignited? What is calling to be nourished? What inhibitions or states of neglect are blocking your flow? Write down one to three seed intentions for your creative-sensual firekeeping in the new cycle.


3. Tending the Fire of Awareness

Manipura Chakra

What do you feel is calling to be manifested? What needs to be cleared or supported in connecting your inner world to the outer world? What limiting self-concepts block your sense of self? What ways is your ego disconnected from your core fire? What needs to be sustained and completed through sacred will—the sustaining power of manipura chakra? Write down one-to-three seed intentions for your manipura energy center and its heart connection in this new cycle.


4. Tending the Fire of love

Anahata Chakra

In anahata chakra we move into our full emotional fire and the core cultivation of love within our being. What are you radiating from your heart in your relationships, home, and community? Now write one-to-three seed intentions for your heart center this cycle.


5. Tending the Fire of Expression-Speech

Vissuddha Chakra

Listen within for what needs to be healed from any miscommunications or misunderstandings, as well as which truths need to be spoken. How can you use your voice for healing and moving forward? Who do you need to reach out to? Who or where in the world are you called to support? What do you need to reach out to? Write down one-to-three seed intentions for the fire of your expression.


6 and 7. Tending the Visionary Fire and Spiritual Fire

Ajna and Sahasrara Chakras

Reflect upon your highest vision for the next cycle. What limited views need to be released? In what ways do you feel disconnected from the Source? Reflect upon your svadharma, or unique purpose. Call forth a vision of the next cycle that is connected to your dharma (duty) and what you need to attend to in the next cycle. Write down one-to-three seed intentions for manifesting your vision.


Solar-Lunar Mandala of the Year

Take a moment now and look back at what you have written. These are the seed intentions of your new life, guidance for your evolution in all of your aspects: the container of your body, your sensuality and creativity, your will, your loving heart, your expression in the world, and your connection to Source. These seeds are your samkalpas, your navigating vision and intention, synching your life’s rhythms with the deep knowing in the heart. Draw a circle-mandala with the sun in the center and visualize the flow of the year. You can plant any “seed qualities” to gestate in the center of the mandala, and any specific projects as radiating around the mandala to represent the natural progression of how the year may unfold. At every sacred juncture, you can reflect back to this to refine, change, and evolve.

Excerpted from Tending the Heart Fire: Living in Flow with the Pulse of Life by Shiva Rea. Copyright © 2014 by Shiva Rea. Published by Sounds True.

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