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July is another big month for the water signs. It’s a time that favors intuition over rational thought. According to astrologer Eric Francis, the bold, hot month of July is going to be a good time to slow down and assess the situations in your life. Read your July 2013 Horoscope by Eric Francis.

The Cancer solstice—when the Sun ingressed the fourth sign of the zodiac—happened on June 20-21. Pretty much the first thing that happens during the new season is a Full Moon. Happening on the third day of the season, this counts as an Aries Point effect. Think of that as standing inside a cosmic repeating station.

Jupiter ingressed Cancer on June 25 for the first time in nearly 12 years, joining Saturn in Scorpio and Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. This will complete an extended grand water trine that lasts well into 2014. Jupiter will also make a square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto, beginning a new phase of what I've been calling 2012-era astrology.

Mercury is retrograde in Cancer from June 26-July 20. I suggest you not try to do complicated data backups during the early stages of the retrograde, unless you take safeguards and really know what you're doing.

If you're working on plans or initiating a new project, make sure you leave a few days' margin after the retrograde ends to allow Mercury to come back up to speed and focus your thoughts. If there are delays, maybe take care of stray details and preparations until Mercury stations direct in a few weeks. Sometimes it's worth slowing down; it can save time.

As mentioned, Mercury spends seven months of 2013 in water signs. Mercury in any water sign favors intuition over rational thought, though it's not an invitation to guess at everything or to allow yourself to be driven exclusively by your emotions. We have quite enough of that, inundated as we are with advertising that is little other than emotionally manipulative.

Fact-check your intuitive hints without second-guessing yourself. Simply assess the veracity of your perceptions and beliefs, and take note when you come across information that contradicts some expectation that you have.

On July 1, the Sun will oppose Pluto. This is an annual event and one of those deep aspects. It's a time to focus your creative will. Make sure that if you encounter a power struggle of any kind, you handle matters gently rather than forcefully. This aspect has plenty of influence and a lot of momentum behind it. You will be convincing in half your usual word count and at a fraction of the volume. No matter what you're doing, consider the growth angle.

On July 4, the Sun makes a square to Uranus—a revolutionary kind of aspect on a revolutionary kind of day. This is an aspect that might actually have a few sensitive people in a rebellious state of mind. I can see First Amendment advocates getting out all their pens, typewriters, mimeograph machines, photocopiers, printers, and computers, and displaying them in the backyard for all their friends to see.

The Cancer New Moon is on July 8. That's an exciting event, as it consists of a triple conjunction of the Moon, Mercury, and the Sun in mid-Cancer, activating a world horoscope called the Thema Mundi.

Mars enters Cancer on July 13, once again setting off the Aries Point (it then takes two more weeks to take the Uranus-Pluto square for a tumble). This placement adds more water, more heat, and more of an instinctual quality to the astrology, and there was plenty to start with.

Mercury stations direct again on July 20, and that's the time to take your plans off hold and set them in motion. Gather momentum as Mercury does—a little at a time, for about a week until you're up to full speed in the rather extraordinary last days of the month.

Goddess Girl Venus enters goddessy Virgo on July 21, and the Aquarius Full Moon is on July 22—that's the same day that the Sun ingresses Leo. The month ends on a hot note, with a fully loaded T-square in the cardinal signs including Pallas Athene, the Black Moon Lilith, Jupiter, Mars, Uranus, the Moon, and Pluto. The bold month of July 2013 does not go out with anything vaguely resembling a whimper.

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