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June is a big month for the water signs. According to astrologer Eric Francis, that’s good news for everyone, unless your only friend is a cactus (and they love water, too, just not too much of it). Read your June 2013 Horoscope by Eric Francis.
Water is the most delicate element, essential to supporting life on our planet. It’s as basic as oxygen, and it’s drying out, being polluted, and fracked out of existence. Yet when the astrology gets wet, I think everyone is happier—and that’s what happens soon. 
Among the main events of the next few weeks is Jupiter moving from Gemini to Cancer, completing a grand water trine with Saturn in Scorpio and both Chiron and Neptune in Pisces. The Sun and other planets will be passing through Cancer as well, filling up our spiritual reservoirs. 
Let’s start in the current moment and take the story more or less in order.
Eclipses of spring ended with the Sagittarius lunar eclipse that happened Friday, May 24. This was the last of the eclipses along the Gemini/Sagittarius angle—the unusual third eclipse in the current cycle is a holdover from the prior (Gemini/Sagittarius) cycle; for the next year the eclipses will be along the Taurus/Scorpio axis, which heats up again with the next eclipse pair in October and early November. 
June 2013 emphasizes the water theme of this year—a theme of making contact with one’s feeling body without being overwhelmed by it. That’s always the thing about emotions; with the other thing being the extent to which they are being corrupted by advertising imagery, clearly among the top spiritual issues of our time in history. When astrology emphasizes the water signs, you will feel more and more deeply, and then at the same time be subject to manipulation.
The realm of feeling, of emotion, of body sensation, is different than the realm of intellect, concept, and mental control. Indeed what happens on the level of water can subvert or perhaps submerge what we experience in the mental environment. It doesn’t need to—emotions and ideas can coexist, and if the forthcoming astrology is any indication, we need to figure out how to do that.
Mercury enters Cancer on May 31, where it will perform its retrograde maneuver between June 26 and July 20. It’ll remain in Cancer through its second shadow phase and then finally enter Leo on August 8. 
That’s a long time for Mercury to be in any one sign, especially a water sign; yet it’s also the second of three times that Mercury will spend more than two months in a water sign this year (the first was in Pisces earlier in 2013 and the third will be when it’s in Scorpio later in the year). 
On June 2, Venus enters Cancer—still in a loose conjunction with Venus. That conjunction will come back into focus later in the month. 
June 8 is the Gemini New Moon, exact at 11:56 a.m. That’s synchronous with a sparky aspect, Mercury square Uranus, happening just a few hours later.
June 19 is also a special day—the Sun is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini. That won’t happen again till 2026. Yes, it should happen again in 12 years, but the Sun-Jupiter conjunction skips Gemini the next time Jupiter is in that sign. This is also our farewell to Jupiter in Gemini for this cycle.
On June 21, the Sun enters Cancer, which is the solstice. This is an Aries Point event; the Sun is square the first degree of the zodiac (i.e., the Aries Point), which means that we’ll all be standing at the intersection of the personal and the collective. That’s what this degree does, and it’s very sensitive. So sensitive in fact that the ingresses of Mercury and Cancer earlier in the month may have a similar effect.
Because this is happening in the style of a water sign, experiences and events will have a deeper emotional influence than usual, and in addition to describing the emotional realm, water sign energy also reaches into what we think of as psychic—that is, beyond-the-communication. It’s also good for empathy and understanding what others are going through by feeling it rather than needing to have it explained.
On June 25, Jupiter enters Cancer. This is yet another Aries Point event, as Jupiter will be square the first degree of the zodiac. This happens with the Cancer Sun trine Neptune in Scorpio, and Mercury very close to stationing retrograde in Cancer.
Jupiter will remain in Cancer until it ingresses Leo on July 16, 2014. Plenty of water passes under the bridge between now and then, and fortunately we will have happy old Jupiter to keep us company the whole time.
On June 26, Mercury stations retrograde, which will last through July 20, and as mentioned, Mercury ingresses Leo on Aug. 8.
This is a lot of water for one year, and a whole lot of water for one month. 

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