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Marlise Karlin encourages you to invite stillness in, release the past, and find your true life purpose. 

On the night my father put his fist through the only locked door in the house to punish me for not having obeyed him, I knew. I knew I had no choice but to go. I didn’t know where or even how, just that I had to go. I was 16 years old. I crept out my window and climbed down the big oak tree, believing this was my only hope to find freedom.

Words can cause hurt that runs even deeper than burning wounds from a well-placed belt. And somewhere between the drinking, the whippings, and the pain the words made as they chilled my heart, my search to find out who I was, beyond what I’d been told, began.

Discovering My True Life Purpose

The greatest challenges we face have hidden gifts within them, and mine came in the form of intention and focus. I have much to thank my father for, as he was a constant reminder of what I didn’t have and longed to know. It became clear at a very early age that my life’s purpose was to discover the freedom and love that no one could ever take away from me.

Although my journey lead to many professional and personal triumphs later in life, as a youth I was a runaway, in drug rehab, a single mother, and taking jobs I don’t even want to speak of today. During that time life was exhilarating, yet the passionate purpose of my childhood faded into the background. That is, until the day I encountered a debilitating pain in my body. Then, memories of my childhood intention rapidly returned and I refueled them with determined focus, humility, and love. I made time for stillness.

The Invitation to Wake Up

On a misty morning in November of 2001, I awoke with a paralyzing sadness that seemed to penetrate every part of my mind and body. The thoughts cycling in my mind were, “I’m not worthy of forgiveness. I’ll never know the freedom I want. I’ll never know that love. I’m just not worthy.”

Everything I had wanted and dreamed of for so long now seemed impossible. The hopelessness was overwhelming. I cried intensely, feeling the weight of the sadness in my heart.

All that I had done to feel the pain of unworthiness was playing across the screen of my mind, causing my heartache to build even more. The drugs, the sexual escapades, the work I had taken when trying to support my son, the judgments I had of others, the cruel remarks I had made, the hatred I had carried of my father, and on and on.

I wanted to melt into the floor, just disappear, when a powerful energy began to course through my body. The sensation was different than anything I’d ever felt. In the midst of despair, suddenly I felt all that negativity leaving me. It seemed to just walk right out the door.

Light began streaming into the room and into me. I could feel it in my eyes. It was as though I’d suddenly been given a pair of glasses that allowed me to see what I couldn’t before. There was beautiful light surrounding everything. I experienced absolute peace beyond anything I’d known. It was like the boundless freedom an eagle must feel as he soars through the sky. The sensations of love streaming through my body were like swimming in a sea of shimmering translucent water.  

In that moment, I knew I’d received everything I had always dreamed of. 

An Expansion of Consciousness

Even though I’d been on a journey of discovery for more than 20 years, this experience, to put it mildly, rocked my world. My perception of life changed. Strengths appeared that allowed me to begin living more in alignment with who I always wanted to be. As my connection to this energy field of loving consciousness grew, I discovered experientially what I always wanted to know.

Fear and suffering began to lose their grip on me. I saw how I had judged others, placing blame outside myself when I was often the one who was stuck and not able to see. As I integrated this awareness into each day, I could more fully accept the ups with the downs.

I began to know love, but not through an intellectual understanding of likes and dislikes that could change in a moment. Instead, I experienced the innate qualities of humankind that are loving, compassionate, and courageous. The healing this brought my life was extraordinary. I began traveling the world, inviting people to experience that exquisite depth of knowing for themselves. When people connect with their own true nature, life transforms. It’s as simple as that. If we complicate it, we move it away from our daily experience; if we integrate it, life becomes whatever we each look for, simply and naturally.

Knowing Freedom for Yourself

The distractions and workloads most of us are faced with make it easy to get overwhelmed. When we invite stillness into our lives, we realize what is truly meaningful. Connecting to this energy of higher consciousness becomes a path to discovering what brings balance into every day, and what can inspire us to create a future we love.

What I have witnessed over the last years is how this energy of peace can shift the trajectory of our life within moments, releasing us from the unconscious pain of whatever causes our suffering. Much of what holds us back in life are the fears and patterns we can’t put aside, because they’re unconscious. As we incorporate them into our lives, very naturally over time, we shed our unproductive habits and replace them with ones that help us find what we value, instead of just completing the many to-do lists our busy minds love to create.

It’s time for every person to know that it’s possible to release the past and find that place of profound love that exists within. I am excited that we are living at a time when so much is possible. I invite you to join this great adventure.

© 2013 Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

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