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The lessons of life come to us because we need them for our own personal growth and development. Kim Pentecost, an intuitive healer and spiritual teacher, describes how we can make the most of life's lessons.

Your experiences and challenges are based in what you have chosen to learn and heal in this lifetime. Remember that our lessons are only as tough as they need to be to get our attention and bring healing.

But all of our lessons are about progressing out of victim consciousness and into self-empowerment. We are being given an opportunity to understand the conscious and unconscious patterns we hold, and address them. It is mandatory that we forgive ourselves first and then forgive others before the patterns will be released. Self-forgiveness is the key to moving through these critical lessons.

The question is often posed, “What do I have to forgive myself for?” You can start by forgiving yourself for attracting the lesson and then ignoring it until it got this difficult.

Nothing has "happened to you." You have attracted this lesson because of some belief that you hold or held. This is the challenging side of Law of Attraction. These old beliefs are the blocks to manifesting what you truly want in your life.

Moving from victim to empowerment involves clearing emotions, which is part of the next push in healing. Letting go of deep-seated anger and need for revenge is a huge part of the transformation. You may not be conscious of those existing patterns, but chances are they still lurk in the deep recesses of your soul, mind, emotions, and body.

You already know that everything is related. Beliefs hold emotions and emotions hold beliefs. In forgiving, you get a two-in-one healing.

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. We all have this stuff, from the greatest spiritual leaders to the average human.

The way I describe it is this: Face, embrace, love, and leave it. In other words:

  • Face your fears, uncomfortable feelings, angst, or anything else that stops you, even for a moment from moving forward with those things you want in your heart. This could be the hesitation you feel before you enter a building or the the keen terror you feel before you cross a bridge. It could be the sarcastic remark you make about the other team or the deprecation you give yourself.

  • Embrace the truth of those feelings. Is the fear you exhibit really because you like being taken care of instead of doing things for yourself? Are you controlling because you’re lonely? Are you overachieving because you’re afraid of failing? Are you self-righteous because you’re afraid to be wrong? What is the truth of your feelings?

  • Love it means coming out of resistance. This is the self-forgiveness part. Only then can you move forward to forgiving others and, ultimately, releasing the block. If you are not ready to forgive yourself or others, remember that you can ask Spirit to forgive until you can stand in love. Note: lessons always come back around, ready or not. This is not a free pass. The work must be done and you will get help when you need it. Spirit never abandons us.

  • Leave it means bless it and release it. You will bring in a new consciousness and a new appropriate pattern as you lovingly let go. As you do this, the old, negative energy is turned into healing energy and used where it is needed.

Loving and sharing starts with Self. Filling the empty holes in ourselves—through external giving—brings only momentary relief if you, yourself, are not genuinely filled with love. The journey on our spiritual paths doesn’t take a holiday.

You have an amazing opportunity to heal yourself so that you are living an authentic life and giving from the truth of your heart, not the fear in your heart. So take this opportunity and begin at the beginning. Dig a little deeper and walk the path of love every day, every month, every year for the rest of your life.

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