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This month, Jupiter enters Pisces and a lunar eclipse arrives. Find out how these events and more will impact your sign in May. 

Aries (March 21-April 19)

If last month went by like a whirlwind, this one gives you a chance to ground and center yourself. After we plant seeds in our garden, we have to tend to them and watch them grow. That part of the process takes patience, and it's what you need this month. Trust in an unfolding process, especially at the new moon on May 11.  

Mercury moves through Gemini after May 3, and you could be inspired to share your ideas. You have a way with words, and others will notice. By the time Mercury goes retrograde on May 29, have any new contracts signed. You could receive news about finances around May 11. Budget wisely, and you can end the month with a surplus. 

Mars in Cancer motivates home-renovation projects. Look around your living space. What repairs need to be made? Make updates early in the month. If you find yourself in a family conflict, try to see from different perspectives before jumping to a conclusion. You don't have to defend another if you don't know the whole story. That said, know your words could help to change someone's heart, especially after the sun enters Gemini on May 20. 

After May 20, your social life becomes quite active, especially with the lunar eclipse on May 26. It will help any of you who are single and hoping to manifest a new relationship. You may wish to travel to visit friends or take a romantic trip. With Mercury going retrograde on May 29, wait to make plans until you know for sure.  

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Magic wants mystery and loves to make the most of mistakes. Your task this month will be to see each challenge as an opportunity. With your mix of optimism and practicality, you have the power to ground your dreams in practical action. Share your successes with others. Give praise reports for good days and exciting adventures. Let your enthusiasm be contagious. After all, the sun shines in your sign until May 20, brightening each day a little more. 

The new moon on May 11 offers you a surge of creative energy. You could receive an opportunity from out of the blue after May 13 when Jupiter, the planet of blessings, enters Pisces. Helpful people come into your life at the end of the month. If you have a brilliant idea, prepare your pitch materials early in the month. Your day in the spotlight could come at any moment.

On May 26, the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius raises financial matters to the forefront of your mind. You are rethinking your priorities and looking for more meaningful ways to invest your time and resources. Discuss your financial fears, hopes, and goals with a coach, therapist, good friend, or advisor to help broaden your perspective.

In relationships, you can prioritize yourself. After all, it's your birthday season. Mercury goes retrograde on May 29, allowing you to reflect on how your past relationships influenced your financial decisions. This inner tension culminates around May 27. Don't allow disappointments to deter you from experiencing joy and love to their fullest. 

Gemini (May 20-June 20)

Sit still, take a deep breath, and let these words sink in. You're in a harvest time, and opportunities are manifesting in your life. It's busy, though. This month, you need to create a balance by discerning which activities, people, and things feed your energy and which ones delete you. Nourish your roots so you can grow. Take time away on a retreat, spend time in nature, or read a good book. Honor the part of you that wants to sit still.

The north node destiny point moves through your sign, inspiring a passion for words and ideas. It's feeding a hunger to share your gifts with the world in more definitive ways. On May 10, you could become more aware of how to receive more support. You might consider ways to share your talents to make a difference in someone's life. 

Venus enters your sign on May 8, and you could be ready to attract new people into your life. It is an excellent time to network with others or connect with new friends. Perhaps you have wanted to update your social media or dating profiles. Mercury goes retrograde on May 29, allowing you to clear up a complicated situation from the past and clear the path ahead for a healthier future with your partner.  

Relationships look peaceful this month. After all, Venus is helping bring all aspects of your life into harmony. If you are single, enjoy yourself! The lunar eclipse on May 26 is excellent for a romantic getaway or a new connection. 

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Let's contemplate the moon, your sign's ruler. It is in flux, moving around the whole Zodiac in 28 days. (It takes the sun 365 days to make that same journey.) We watch it wax and wane as it reflects the sun's light. So, too, your moods wax and wane. You might consider yourself a homebody but love going out with good friends. These inner impulses are the voices of your intuition. Honor your internal yes and no. Be in the flow this month. 

The new moon on May 11 highlights your social life, begging you to examine the dynamics in your friendships. You are loyal to those you love, but you could be reminded to prioritize reciprocal relationships. A new friendship paradigm is starting for you—one that allows you to be more of a leader. So, surround yourself with those who support you. 

Professional opportunities this month could lead to long-term financial growth. Focus on broadening your professional network. You could make significant connections this month, especially after Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13. 

After May 20, you feel more reflective. Mercury slows down before stationing retrograde on May 29, and you might be more reminiscent of the past. Be willing to understand aspects of yourself that have been hiding in the shadows. These are coming out to be understood and to gain your attention. So, others might trigger you in relationships. Or, if you are single, you might encounter realizations that free you to love another more wholly. 

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Creative inspiration can strike at the most inconvenient times—when you're in the shower or car and don't have your journal handy. As a Leo, you were born to express yourself. So when you have a spark of an idea, you feel alive and in tune with the entire universe. Make space and time to sit in stillness to receive those brilliant insights. You're open to divine guidance as you embark on new beginnings that allow you to share your work with the world. The month's energy culminates at the lunar eclipse on May 26 and results in a shift of consciousness as you move out of insecurity into personal power. 

On May 11, the new moon signals the start of a professional endeavor. Use your charisma to rally support for your ideas, and reach out to friends who share your vision. Venus enters Gemini on May 8, helping you connect with people you haven't seen in a while. The sun enters Gemini on May 20. These influences are favorable for your social life, but they're also helpful for finding collaborators with work projects. 

As the north node interacts with Mercury, Venus, and the sun throughout the month, you could become aware of how you experience leadership in your life. Even if you shy away from the spotlight, others may ask you to step into it and share your wisdom. Your ruling heavenly body is the sun, after all, and you were born to shine. Anything you do to better yourself will help your relationships as well. 

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Magic is our inherent supernatural power—a force for change in our lives and the world. It's a spiritual energy that's grounded into form. Your sign is associated with ritual, the performances we do to bridge the spiritual and the mundane. So, too, you need everyday rituals that pull you into your body and center you in the present moment. Activities like scheduling your week's activities, taking your vitamins, or feeding your pets are sacred to you because you were made to be in a body on this earth at this time. Celebrate your humanness and love your chores. They are gateways to spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The new moon on May 11 shows you how. 

At the beginning of the month, your mind opens to new ideas and ways to expand your worldview through education or travel. Publishing is another possibility. If you have a book idea, start working on the proposal. Throughout the month, the North Node destiny point places a big focus on your mission, which you might best express in your career. Mercury slows down and goes retrograde on May 29, inviting you to rethink professional goals you may have abandoned. You have a higher perspective from which to view your past decisions now. Reconsider those possibilities. 

On May 13, Jupiter enters your opposite sign, Pisces. Others might suddenly become more optimistic, leading you to wonder if you're the only one with two feet on the ground. If that's true, let them lift you beyond the scope of your limitations. Let love be the wings that let you soar to new heights. 

Libra (September 22-October 22)

Libras love to see their loved ones happy. Does anything give you more joy than putting a smile on someone's face? This personality trait can cause problems, though, when you have desires and needs that contrast with those you love. Then, you may find yourself caught in an inner battle between self and others. Understand why that pull is so strong. Does it stem from feeling unworthy? From the fear of disappointing others? The new moon on May 11 helps you get to the root of your hunger to please, so you can be freer to live the life you desire. 

You could have philosophical questions this month. What do you believe? Are those beliefs 100 percent true? Be willing to question what you know and stay open to learning something new. Jupiter moves into Pisces on May 13, drawing your awareness of how your daily routine supports your growth and expansion. Change habits or adopt new diet and exercise plans to align body, mind, and spirit. 

With the sun in practical, stable Taurus until May 20, you are ready to experience more abundance. After May 20, stay optimistic about your financial outlook and think about long-term investments. You are laying the groundwork now for a prosperous future. Stay in a positive flow (especially on May 27). 

Your social calendar could fill up quickly! Follow any urge to travel late in the month. You never know who you'll meet on your adventures. Romance is a definite highlight this month. Stay open-hearted and discover new ways to fall in love. 

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

Magic abounds, and this month, you're in a co-creative universe—one that supports you in materializing your deep-seated desires. So observe synchronistic happenings in your life, as those are breadcrumbs to follow to find your way back home to your spiritual center and connect with your sacred gifts. After May 20, you have a better understanding of how to trust your inner knowing as a guidepost. 

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, enters Pisces on May 13, and it shines a light on your romantic relationship. Find ways to rekindle the spark that first connected you and your partner. Embark on a creative project together. If you're single, take a risk in the pursuit of love. Rally the confidence you need to try new ways of meeting another person. Your heart is open and ready to receive love. You might even consider this a "lucky" time in other areas of your life as well. What have you hoped to manifest in your life? Those dreams are within reach. 

The lunar eclipse on May 26 offers you the chance to work through financial challenges with your partner by working as a team. A truth that you weren't aware of before comes to light, and this could shake things up in your relationship or finances. Be willing to revisit past decisions after May 29. Mercury retrograde pulls you into the unconscious realms to discover hidden treasures within yourself. Perhaps you have untapped skills or gifts. Deepen self-acceptance to discern how to share these talents with others. 

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Think of this month as one great big runway leading up to the lunar eclipse in your sign on May 26. Eclipses activate hidden potential and awaken us to suppressed desires. Throughout the month, you could have realizations about aspects of your life, especially your relationships, that need some reconstructing. Are default patterns you inherited in childhood influencing your experience of love? On May 20, the sun in Gemini illuminates these themes. 

With the south node in your sign, you are more aware of your contributions to the world. You're willing to be honest with yourself and others in ways that help you feel more purposeful in all you do. As a result, you could decide to branch out in new directions with your career or find ways to volunteer your time to help a cause. Perhaps you have unexamined talents to explore. You might even consider taking a Reiki course, studying yoga, or learning an alternative healing modality.

Relationships are a big focus all month long, especially in how honesty in communication can help you feel freer in partnerships and family relationships. On May 20, the sun moves into your seventh house of partnerships. If you have been single for a long time, you might begin to crave more heartfelt connections with others. You will understand what limits you from attracting love into your life. For those involved in a relationship, you might discuss ways to change your living space or consider a move or renovation.

Consider these changes as opportunities to grow closer together. 

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

April's astrology sent you charging ahead at full speed. All of the planets were going direct, and your life was, too. Even if you felt stuck from time to time, you knew how to move through those hurdles gracefully. Now, it's time to catch your breath. So, think of three things you can do just for fun this month and make those your top priority. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is the planet of effort and hard work. It doesn't lighten up, and as a result, you might feel a slight twinge of guilt for taking some time off. But Saturn goes retrograde on May 23. Release any inner pressure and rest, and you may experience deep inner healing with the lunar eclipse on May 26.

Throughout the month, you might revisit past goals or dreams. Astrological cycles indicate this is a chance to open doors of opportunity you closed before. You could also rethink a financial decision. Avoid feeding economic fears this month. Saturn in Aquarius can help your long-term finances. You might have to sacrifice a little more now for a more abundant future. 

The beginning of the month is a fertile and creative time. Spend time in your garden or plant seeds of ideas out in the world, especially at the new moon on May 11. If you are in the beginning stages of new love or rekindling the connection with your partner, this could be an excellent time to plan an activity that breaks the routine. Even a weekend day trip would be a welcomed getaway and could help deepen your commitment. 

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

When you think about power, who comes to mind? What traits do they embody that you also share? Over the next two years, you will be learning lessons in power. Namely, you'll know more about how your presence is powerful. You don't have to do anything to achieve it—it's inherent within you. You are learning how you might give your power away to things—like disheartening news, challenging circumstances, negative thoughts, or unhealthy relationships. This month, you push through challenges to reclaim that energy so you can access more creativity and experience more joy. By the lunar eclipse on May 26, you will realize the relationship between power and leadership. It starts by being confident in all you offer the world. 

The new moon on May 11 turns your awareness to home and family. You might discuss making a move. Be open to all possibilities. It's a highly fertile time, too, in case you'd like to consider welcoming a little one into your life. 

The sun shifts into Gemini and inspires your desire to express yourself. It is an excellent time to dance, write, or play music. Hidden talents could come to light if you approach them with a playful spirit. You could focus this energy on your work and contemplate a career change. The sun meets the north node destiny point on May 31, turning your thoughts toward purpose. Find more meaning in all you do by really receiving any positive feedback you hear. 

Romance is a theme at the end of the month. If you are single, you could meet people through cultural or artistic activities. Your happiness is a magnetic attractor.  

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

As the dreamer of the Zodiac, you're a model of hope and optimism. So, you'll be pleased to learn Jupiter, the planet of faith, moves into your sign on May 13. This transit offers a sneak preview of what's to come in 2022. On the one hand, Jupiter's influence bestows blessings and supports manifestation. On the other, it can feel overwhelming. You could have more to choose from or feel pressured to make something happen for yourself. Relax and let things flow. Be discerning about how you dedicate your time and energy. Your focused attention is like water to a plant. 

You could decide to speak or teach. Boost your social media presence, especially engage in the outlets that help you form new professional connections. You also have a way with words, especially at the new moon on May 11, making it an excellent time to start a writing project. 

On May 8, Venus enters Gemini and shines a favorable light on all matters related to your home, making this an excellent time to talk through challenges with a family member or redecorating. On May 17, you might feel led to consider a move. A real estate transaction may be in your near future. The lunar eclipse on May 26 offers a chance for ancestral healing. You can strengthen your rootedness in either your family of origin or one of choice. 

Likewise, if you are in a relationship, perhaps it is time to talk through triggers, release resentments, and take your relationship to a new level. You are ready for love, body, mind, and spirit.

© 2021 by Rachel Lang. Used with permission.

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