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This meditation from Joan Halifax Roshi helps cultivate empathy for others, opening the heart and generating compassion and understanding. To experience the meditation fully, try recording it ahead of time and playing it back to yourself.

Begin by bringing the attention of your mind and heart to the presence of someone who is having a difficult time. You may choose a friend, relative, or someone you feel close to.

Open your heart and mind to this person.

Really let yourself sense into his or her situation.

Feel your way into this person’s heart.


What are they going through? What is their experience?


Now let yourself imagine looking out through his or her eyes.

(long pause)

Imagine that you are this person, living his or her life, feeling her or his suffering, and knowing his or her heart.

(long pause)

Feel into how this person experiences life.

Now imagine that you are this other person, looking out through her or his eyes, feeling into his or her experience, seeing how they might see the world, sensing how they experience their body. Imagine that you are have been through what they have been through.

Exchange yourself for them and live in their body for a few moments as you look out through her or his eyes. 

(long pause) 

Now gently shift your attention back to your breath.

Stay with your breath for the next moments.

(long pause)

To complete your practice, offer to this person whatever good has arisen for you in this session. Wish him or her the best, saying, “May you find peace and well-being.”

Let that sense of tenderness, kindness and goodness flow from you to him or her.


Throughout the day, remind yourself to bring the spirit of this practice into your everyday life in order to benefit others and yourself. 

© 2012 Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

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