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Meet Omega's Wildlife

Meet Omega's Wildlife

Nestled on more than 250 acres of gently rolling hills in New York's Hudson Valley, Omega shares its home with a variety of animals, many of which you may see while visiting campus.


  • Chipmunks scurry all over campus, ducking in and out of stone walls and making sharp chirping noises as they go.

  • Voracious eaters, groundhogs bulk up during the summer in preparation for winter hibernation. You'll see many of them eating clover in the lawns throughout campus. They're very docile, but as with all wildlife, please don't approach or feed them. Groundhogs are also called woodchucks and whistle pigs, the latter for their interesting vocalization that sounds more like a bird than a pig.

  • You may see an Eastern cottontail, one of the most common rabbit species in North America, silently zig zag past you. 

  • Wild turkeys may not be the most graceful of birds, but their entertaining gobble, which can sound like someone laughing, can often be heard coming from the woods around the edge of campus. 

  • The Eastern gray squirrel is perhaps the most common animal on campus. You'll see them everywhere, running around to collect and store food. If you get in their way, they may scramble up to a tree branch and scold you from there.

  • Eastern painted turtles love lakes like Omega's. You may see a group of them—which is called a bale—sunning on a log together. Or, you may hear them plop into the water, which they might do if they sense you coming. The edge of their shells are painted with beautiful red patterns, and their undersides are yellow. 

  • Since they're most active at night, you're not likely to see or hear a raccoon on campus, but they're here. 

  • White-tailed deer are very common throughout New York and beyond. You may or may not see or hear one on campus, but keep your eyes open for them when driving the roads in our rural area.

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