Morning Song | Omega








It begins with a single finch
Followed by the sound of
Chickadees and blackbirds.
Then comes the hammering
Of woodpecker
Bearing down into heartwood,
And boisterous geese
Descending like planes
Into cold ponds.
Until a unison of song
Heralds the new day.

I want everyday to be like this,
Where I feel dawn
Rise up in my body
And sunrise in my heart
Warming fingertips
And crisp frosted leaves.
Where early rays
Turn still aspen trees
Into pillars of light,
So luminous,
They transcend
Their rootedness.

While the silent stars
Make way for this day
Teem with possibility,
Reminding me,
I too can paint the canvas
Of this life
With confident strokes
And usher in
Some new song of delight.

© 2012 Omega Institute for Holistic Studies

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