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Omega Through the Eyes of Kids
The Best Thank You Note We've Ever Received

What do you remember most about your Omega experience? Was it the program you attended, the beautiful gardens, the snapping turtle at the lake, or the delicious food? Here's how a group of fourth graders answered that question after visiting Omega and taking a tour of the Omega Center for Sustainable Living. Thanks to Ms. Smith at Cahill Elementary School, in Saugerties, New York, for this heartwarming thank you card.


  • “My favorite part of Omega was seeing a chipmunk on campus. It was brown, black, and white. I think it was at least five inches long. When we came out of the dining hall next to the tree was the chipmunk. Thank you, Jeffrey!” 

  • “When I went to Omega I was in a classroom with a pretty quilt. It is a quilt that represents peace. I really like the tree with the eye in the leaves. I love the quilt because I love peace. Thank you for inviting us on this field trip. It is my favorite field trip ever.”

  • “Thank you for inviting us to the Omega Institute. What I liked was a few things. I liked the lagoon, the recycling video, and the lunch, but one thing I really liked was meeting Jeffrey, our tour guide. Jeffrey is cool. He showed us the lagoon, and showed us the plants. He also showed us the machine room, and it was awesome. I will never forget him. Thank you!” 

  • “Thank you for the tour of the Omega ground. I really enjoyed the tour and the green house. Thank you for the tour. The plants and water is cool. I loved the tour. Thank you.” 

  • “I very much enjoyed and appreciate the tour of Omega. My favorite part was the mac and cheese. It was home-made unlike the stuff at school. It was veary, veary creamy.”

  • “To: Jeffrey. Thank you Jeffrey, for inviting us to lunch. It was very good. The best part of the field trip was the sunflower spouts you served in the dining hall. I loved them.”

  • “Dear Jeffrey, Thank you so much for showing us around and inviting us to your wonderful buffet. Thank you for showing us the pictures of the cool stuff. Jeffrey told us what sustainable living means. It means living off the environment without hurting the earth’s ecosystems and not polluting. Also, you use as little energy as possible using solar power or other renewable energies that won’t pollute our earth.” 

  • “I liked the area behind the OCSL. It surprised me that the cattails and bullrush could clean the dirty water. I can’t believe that you can stand on the rocks when there is water under them. Thank you for showing us.” 

  • “What I liked about the Omega Center was the machine room. I liked how the pipes were naturally cold and cooled the whole place without any fans or air conditioning. I was told by Jeffrey that the pipes were cold because of geothermal temperatures. Geothermal means relating to earth’s internal heat. Thank you for teaching me this.”

  • “The part I liked the most was the tank in the lagoon. I liked that it had fish in it, and it was 10 feet deep. Jeffrey taught me that all of the water on Omega’s campus is cleaned by the bacteria and plants. Thank you! Thank you for being our tour guide.” 

  • “The thing I liked at Omega was the chipmunk on campus. It was brown and had black and white stripes down its back. I saw the chipmunk outside of the dining hall. It was running around by the leaves and bushes. Thank you so much for letting us be your guest. I enjoyed our tour very much.” 

  • “I liked the geothermal room, because I liked feeling the natural, cold pipes and hitting the devices. When you hit the devices, the lettering turns green. I learned that the pipes go way, way down under the ground to heat the building in the winter and to cool it in the summer. Thank you!”

  • “When we went to Omega I saw the organic garden. This was my favorite part because of all the different green colors. This was outside the food court. Thank so much for letting us come.”

  • “The thing I liked most at Omega was the quilt. The quilt was in the OSCL (Center for Sustainable Living). I noticed that the different squares were in rainbow order. The quilt was called the Peace Quilt. Thank you!”

  • “My favorite part of Omega was the lagoon, and the plants. The plants clean the water along with the microorganisms. The water was really dark because it is 10 feet deep. Thank you for everything!”

  • “My favorite part of the trip to Omega was the cattails. They were so tall that they were almost the size of me! Jeffrey told us that they not fully grown yet. Thank you, Jeffrey, for inviting us!” 

  • “I liked seeing the killdeer in the parking lot when we were leaving. It was brown, white, and black. The eggs were speckled. We were walking by it and it started walking around and chirping like it was yelling at us. It was trying to get us away from its nest. Thank you!”

  • “My favorite part of the field trip to Omega was in the mechanical room. I liked the machine that you knock on. When you knock on it the machine turns on. It has a green light when it’s on. Thank you so much for letting us come and be your guest!”

  • “One of the things I liked about the Omega Center is how they kept the slugs away. They kept them away by putting beer in a dish. At night when the slugs came out, the slugs drank the beer, got drunk, and passed out. I think it is so cool how Omega keeps the slugs away. Thank you so much for inviting us.”

  • “My favorite part at Omega was the tropical plants. I especially liked the philodendron. To me, they looked like hearts. Jeffrey made an elephant sound when he blew on them. My mom had a plant there that I like a lot. I also liked other plants with beautiful flowers or big leaves. Thank you to everyone at Omega."

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