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Painting With Pastels

Painting With Pastels

Marla Baggetta has been a professional artist for more than 30 years. A prolific painter and teacher, she is represented in galleries throughout the country and has won numerous awards for her paintings. Here are some examples of her painting and her teaching style.


  • Marla Baggetta’s approach to painting reflects both the formal art education she received at Art Center College of Design and the years of experience that can only be gained from behind the easel.

  • Marla Bagetta is a sought-after workshop instructor and is adept at helping students develop an individual and intuitive painting style.

  • “I’m a true believer that the fundamentals of painting combined with our authentic voices make painting a uniquely human and transformative act.”—Marla Baggetta

  • “It’s a great honor to work with students to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve gained from my many great instructors and my own discoveries and insights as a painter.”—Marla Baggetta
  • Marla Baggetta is the creator of 100 Variations, a pastel series featured in Pastel Journal that marked a shift in her career and became a metaphor for her life as an artist and teacher. By working on multiple pieces of the same composition, she found, you can discover how to loosen up and push your boundaries as a painter and, in the process, tap into your own authentic expression.

  • Originating from her 100 Variations pastel series, Marla Baggetta's Loosen Up & Unfold workshops were designed to help students move past resistance and hesitation in their painting. 

  • “As a teacher, I provide a strong base of the fundamentals of painting to assist every student in reaching their unique creative expressions in a respectful, nurturing environment,” says Marla Baggetta.

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