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With all that's going on in the world—and in the skies—many people may find themselves turning to faith and spirituality to see them through. But as important as having faith or a personal spiritual practice can be, astrologer Eric Francis also points out the importance of taking action in the world. For a more thorough explanation of this month's astrology, see August 2014: World Without End.

Monthly Horoscope for August 2014

Aries (March 20-April 19)

You get to live a little bolder than usual, though I don't mean impulsively. I mean taking thoughtful risks, knowing what you stand to lose and stand to gain. I also mean a commitment to development over time—at least one year, and maybe more. This is the kind of risk that involves taking a chance on what you want to see grow and develop in the world, what you might call a daring vision. Based on these criteria, casino gambling would not be included. It's not nearly creative enough, plus there is too much risk for a very low potential gain in monetary or spiritual reward. There are all kinds of thrilling sports, and while you probably like them, and would have lots of fun, your charts are describing something more. You want the kind of adventure that requires intelligence, passion, and the potential to learn and grow. I suggest you consider your options, make contact with the long-term benefits of what you want to do, and then aim your choices in the direction of what has lasting value. Right now, the way society is organized, there are few opportunities for intellectual risks; or rather, they are not especially popular or considered sexy. Don't let that deter you. Eventually wisdom will come back into style, and you'll be in the right place, at the right time.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)

Your charts describe a time of domestic bliss. For some, that's a shack on the beach and for others it's a duplex on the Upper West Side. What is it for you? How do you want your home to be? Forget, for a moment, what you think you can afford, or what you think you deserve. Rather, let your imagination run free for a while and imagine the visuals, the quality of the light, the kinds of spaces you want. Imagine what will help you work, what will help you sleep, and what will improve your quality of life. Think about how you want to use energy and how you would therefore plan for the environmental footprint of wherever you would live. I am not sure the context, but someone commented on the Planet Waves website, quoting one of their teachers, who said: "Space is intelligence." I love when a three-word equation gives me something to think about for weeks (and this one may last for years). As you develop your ideas about physical space, your mind will change. The ideas will evolve, in particular, away from the concepts of your parents. It is likely that your ideal living space is distinctly different from where you grew up, and now you get to think through what kind of space you want and, perhaps most significantly, where you want to be.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)

You've been involved in some unusually deep soul searching in recent seasons of your life, and working out some concept of your value. I would say that you've been through a time of making up your mind that life is worth living. That phase of reflection for its own sake has drawn to a close, and now is the time to come out of your shell and express yourself. You certainly have plenty going on in your mind, and I think you know or at least suspect you have some great ideas there. Remember, thinking about an idea is not writing about that idea. Thinking about art is not making art. You could slip into a pattern where all you do is think about your possibilities, which is easy and self-satisfying. I'm suggesting that you get yourself busy making your ideas real. This is a translation from imagination to physical form, which you might think of as the great leap of humankind. One interesting attribute of your solar chart is that when you fire up your own creative process, you will invite collaborators. They may be of a higher caliber than you're expecting and may in many ways surpass your own current abilities. That would be a perfect scenario, since you have a lot to say and you also have a lot to learn about how to say it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Money requires focus, and several recent astrological events are hinting strongly at a state of abundance—and that you must match the emphasis of the planets with your own effort and awareness. This calls for a vision, which is a way of saying an elaborate set of goals. Most people respond to the notion of anything financial or even the meekest reference to money with worry and irritation. I suggest you go in the other direction, which would be bold intrigue. Consider that how you feel about money is a reflection of how you feel about yourself, notice what that sensation is and then begin to make any necessary adjustments. Remember, though, that the larger theme of resources is involved, and financial resources are just one type. Many other kinds are necessary. Among them all is having faith in yourself. This is not a thing possessed, but rather a skill that you cultivate, exercise, and develop. By resources I mean to include them all, and to suggest that you have what it takes, whatever you are doing and whatever is required. Have faith that there is plenty to go around in the world. This is one vivid moment in your life when if you seek abundance you will find it. And you will be finding it for a reason, for a purpose, which you know and which is up to you to express.

Leo (July 22-August 23)

You have every advantage leaning in your favor, yet you may still feel insecure. In the past, you might have worried about bad things happening, not having enough, or whether you could take care of the people you're responsible for. Insecurity 2.0 is about wondering whether you have what it takes to live up to your own potential. You may feel a sense of promise that life is offering, but you don't know how to manifest it. You may have so many options available that you don't know what to choose—and you know that if you choose them all, you may be spread too thin. Let's go back to the beginning: all those factors working for you, described by the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in your sign (and a spectacular New Moon beginning the Sun's run through Leo). That all points to something new, though I would ask if you're carrying some regret or sense of loss from the past. Are you thinking: "Life cannot be as good as it might have been?" That would fit the scenario. I assure you that it can be, though it will be necessary to call forth some passion and courage from within. This cannot be applied from the outside. It's the part of a goal that has nothing to do with the goal; but it has everything to do with you.

Virgo (August 23- September 22)

You may be wondering why relationships have to be so challenging. You may even be wondering if they need to be that way. I think that mostly this involves the various rules and definitions we put around connecting with others, which includes various regulations around sex. There's also a kind of seeming "unconsciousness" hanging like a fog over the whole region of life where people connect emotionally and sexually. It is this slumber from which humanity needs to awaken. Mixed in with the fog are all kinds of moralism, judgment, expectations, and unresolved baggage from the past, and from past generations. By this measure, waking up is not especially appealing, as these are the things to which one usually awakens. On a good day, there is also love, passion, and desire, and though these would rightfully be the incentive to connect, they're not exactly in style right now. They involve something real, and tactile, and where there is the risk of not being in control all the time. And if there is one thing our society is addicted to at this moment, it's control. Where does this leave you? I would say it leaves you free to evaluate what you want, which I think is going to take some honesty and risk. You might also evaluate what you are wholly willing to offer—which will definitely take some honesty and risk.

Libra (September 22-October 23)

Mars has finally left your sign, which changes a relationship dynamic that seems like it's been stuck for months. The actual dynamic that changes is a resounding message of looking to yourself for the fulfillment that in the past you would seek only in relationships. We have this idea, perpetuated by generations before us (but basically a romantic concept) that we must seek completion in another person. This is a setup for incomplete people seeking completion with one another, and never finding it. This is so taken for granted that people who do not play this game are considered weird, and those who work toward a sense of inner fulfillment and resilience have relatively little to discuss with others who avoid this whole topic. That is a disclaimer. Reaching into yourself for your opposite polarity may have the effect of alienating you from certain people who play a mean game of gotta-be-normal. Yet other factors in your astrology suggest that you are so resplendent, visible, and bold that you are a powerful example for your friends. You have the chance to deepen your relationship to yourself and to find a place where your relationships to others are not based on a neurotic need for self-completion. Hold that energy and you can have experiences of actual sharing and exchange rooted in being a whole person who appreciates the company of other whole people.

Scorpio (October 23-November 22)

After spending eight months in a strange and sensitive angle of your chart (known as the solar 12th house), your ruling planet Mars has ingressed your sign. This may have arrived with the sensation of your ear pressure equalizing after a fast elevator ride. And you may suddenly have the added confidence of knowing what you want. In consciousness and in biology, the human experience is driven by desire. It has all kinds of names, with various inflections of good and evil attached to those names, though they all amount to the same thing. That thing is the desire to live and to experience life, and it's likely that you've been infused with this sensation in a whole new way. The question is how you respond and/or react. Lately you seem more given to the moralistic/control side of the spectrum than is useful. It would be helpful to recognize when you're judging yourself and others for something that is either natural or not harming anyone. You may feel some need to live up to an image, that is, to be perceived a certain way for the sake of your reputation. If there's a devil, that's it. While you must always be mindful of integrity, that is different from any form of obsession over what people may think about you. There is only one person who needs to respect you, and that is you—with any luck, just for being real.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 22)

Focus on your plans, by which I mean specific plans to go specific places or do specific things. Did I say specific? Most people work with general plans, such as "I will be a musician" or "I will be rich" or "someday I will write something." Or to give another example: "Someday I won't have to do this job I don't like." The combined action of Mars and Jupiter is calling for you to focus your self-knowledge into a course of action. Remember that this does not need to be a "permanent commitment" or "what you want to do for the rest of your life." It's what's significant now, what your soul is calling for you to do now. There may be a place involved, though not necessarily. If you are getting information about a place, I suggest you test your theory and actually go there. In general I would say the theme of your solar chart is test your theory. If you are into a particular art form or method of personal expression, design a project that you bring to completion—make sure you choose your scale so you can go from start to finish in a few weeks or months, rather than something designed to go on for years. You will both benefit and build confidence from the feeling of intending and then achieving. Then do something new.

Capricorn (December 22-January 20)

You may have this idea that you're on the right track, but heading toward an obstacle of some kind. You might also consider what could intervene long before that obstacle materializes. Said another way, nothing is certain; everything exists in a state of potential or of probability. Those factors are changing constantly as various factors blend and new factors emerge. It would be mighty healthy of you to think in some ways other than what you want as the guaranteed outcome. It's not only how often this leads to misery. The fact that there is no absolute certainty is your best ally right now, because it keeps your potential open. Most people get panicky if they make contact with their potential or have anything less than the illusion of control. You don't need illusions of anything right now; you need to be in the moment, responding to your environment, and aware of your feelings. Notice the ways in which you limit yourself, whether it's with language (such as how you speak to yourself, or describe your possibilities) or by trying in any way to limit the range of your emotions. I suggest you have a long talk with yourself about the concept of appropriate. If you have a tendency to cram yourself into a box, this is the one. There is such a thing as appropriate, but it's a lot more inappropriate than you may think.

Aquarius (January 20-February 19)

You have a whole new world of relationships opening up with Jupiter spending the next year in your opposite sign Leo. That's likely to manifest as more and as better, though I suggest you keep your eye on a few factors. For example, notice when a situation you're in does not offer you space to live up to your potential as you feel it. Jupiter is likely to arrive with a longing for freedom. You certainly have the option to hunker down and wait for it to pass by—or you can respond in a creative way. Another theme of this transit involves making sure that people are who you perceive them to be. You're likely to see many wonderful attributes in people, and I suggest that you get to know them well enough to see past your own projections. Note, this is the projection of the style of seeing only the best in people. This may be true, with some of them, though because Jupiter (especially in Leo) is so closely associated with image and appearance, it will be very helpful to make a policy of going past those layers, and actually getting down to the substance of who someone is. At the same time, your charts are calling on you to act, speak, and choose from an authoritative place of confidence and commitment. May the world rise to meet you.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

This can be one of the most productive times in your life. You have many options. You have tremendous freedom, in part because you've invested so much in mastering your skills—though freedom is also an invitation to choose carefully. Best of all, your energy is running strong and solid, and all you need to do is maintain yourself with basic movement, good food, water, and as much sunlight as possible and you will remain in good spirits. With Jupiter in Leo, your 6th house of service and well-being, the two go together. There may have been times when you've resented how much you offer to the world, and you've noticed how little a great many people offer back, to anyone. Now that has been flipped on its head. You are the example of what is possible, and you are an inspiration to many people who might not believe it otherwise. You don't need to say much about this, unless you have an appropriate occasion. In offering yourself, you improve your life and the lives of others. Yet you also do something on the meta level, which is to demonstrate that this is a viable way of life for many who want nothing more than to offer themselves in some way. Meanwhile, I would remind you again: Choose what you want to do the most, and make sure you include that in your business plan.

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