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Printmaking in the Sun

Printmaking in the Sun

Master printmaker Dan Welden is a pioneer in creating safer and greener methods of printmaking. He is creator of Solarplate etching, which uses sunlight and water in place of toxic chemicals.


  • Dan Welden

    "Fairly Squarely"
    33 X 42 inches 

    Dan has been making prints and works on paper for more than 50 years. He says monoprinting is one of the most unpredictable and exciting forms of art, resulting in a one-of-a-kind impression that resembles a painting more than a print. 

  • Dan Welden

    “Roaring Laughter”
    42 X 33 inches

    A Solarplate is a light-sensitized steel-backed polymer material used by artists as an alternative to hazardous printing techniques. It is a simple, safer, and faster approach than traditional etching and relief printing.

  • Dan Welden

    "Smith Corona"
    22 X 24 inches

    All you need to make your own solarplate design is inspiration, a graphic image created on a transparent film (acetate or glass), sun or UV light, and ordinary tap water. Instead of applying a layer of ink and printing multiple copies, you apply multiple inks to the plate, use different tools to create effects, and then print.

  • Dan Welden

    Mixed media on paper 
    10 X 8 inches

    Exposure is achieved by placing the transparency in contact with the plate and exposing it to the sun or placing the transparency in contact with the plate in a UV exposure box.

  • Dan Welden

    "Night Invitation"
    Stone Lithograph/Etching
    16  X 20 inches

    The process can be liberating for both new and experienced artists who wish to free themselves from creative blocks, fears, and expectations.

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