Ready for Your Third Act? | Omega

People are now experiencing a longevity revolution, living more than 30 years longer than prior generations. Jane Fonda, member of the Omega Women's Leadership Center Advisory Council, calls it our “third act” and in this talk, she offers new perspectives on how to thrive in this life phase.

Oscar winning-actress and activist Jane Fonda says the “third act,” those extra 30 years past midlife, is not just a footnote. In this talk filmed at TEDx Women, she likens these years to a staircase.

Jokingly, she admits that while it may seem like getting older makes it harder to climb stairs, she points out that our human spirit continues to climb upward even while the body might be declining.

She also brings attention to research that shows we actually get happier as we age.

How can you contribute during these added years of life and make a difference in your third act?

Watch this clip to find out more.

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