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Intuitive coach and soul contract consultant Danielle MacKinnon offers financial advice that looks beyond your bank account and instead focuses on deeper beliefs about security and safety in the world. 

I recently put out a question about where people have blocks around money to my friends on Facebook, and the response was overwhelming. Most people wanted to understand why, despite their best intentions, their wholehearted actions, and even major lifestyle changes, they haven’t been able to truly shift things financially.

In my many years working as an intuitive and coach, I’ve found that money blocks and blocks around financial security aren’t actually about money at all.

First, ask yourself what money represents to you. Why do you want more money in your life? Before reading on, think about it for a second and answer the question honestly.

Most people would say that money represents security, safety, support, and the ability to be free of worry. So what most people are searching for when they’re looking for money is actually a feeling of security within, and our society has convinced many of us that money is the best way to achieve it.

But will lots of money really make you feel safe in the world? If you base your sense of security on how much money you have, you will constantly have to make more and more money in order to satisfy your need for security. No matter how much you have, you must spend some of it to live, so each time you spend, your stockpile decreases, leaving you feeling insecure. 

What if, instead, you were to work on that inside part of you that tells you that you’re not safe? What if you were to shift your beliefs so that you were able to love and support yourself from within, regardless of your exterior support situation?

I know this might sound all mushy gushy to you, but really, this is where we have to go. If you can shift that feeling of being unsafe and unsupported on the inside it will actually become reflected in your environment (on the outside). If you truly believe you’re taken care of, opportunities, people, jobs, experiences—and yes, money—will all show up to match that belief.

If you've been wondering why you haven’t been able to bring more money into your life, you're probably beginning to see my answer. It’s because you’ve been focusing on the wrong thing! 

Zeroing in on the money, rather than on the erroneous belief within you that says you’re not safe, will not produce the life you’re looking for. Instead, working on changing what I call the "seed thought" that tells you over and over that you’re not safe, supported, or protected will open you up to being able to experience your life happily and with immense support.

Shifting your financial situation is not about manifesting and it’s not about affirmations. You can’t talk yourself into believing that you’re safe in this world, if your experience continually tells you otherwise. As long as you believe you’re not safe in the world, you won’t be, because we experience our lives through our beliefs. 

The answer is always within, and it’s what you believe about yourself on the inside that carries the most weight here.

It doesn’t matter that intellectually you know that every soul is safe, supported, and protected if deep down you don’t believe that your own soul actually is, too. When you finally believe that you are safe, supported, and protected in the world, you will be. It’s that simple.

So, take a few days and start noticing where you don’t feel safe or supported. Try to find those places at work where you feel unsure of depending on another to assist you, or where you don’t reach out for help, or where you keep things to yourself because you don’t want anyone to notice you. All of these are signs that you have this unsafe, unsupported, unprotected seed thought, and the more you call it out, the easier it is to shift it.

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