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We seem to live in an Aries Point era, when everything political has personal impact, and our most intimate personal issues find expression in collective social events. During the month of September, astrologer Eric Francis tells us that the way to work with that change in energy is to pause briefly, take a breath, and consider your place in the world around you. For this month's horoscopes, see September 2013 Horoscope.

September brings a palpable change in season, accented by three key events: the Virgo New Moon, the Pisces Full Moon and the Libra ingress of the Sun—that is, the autumnal equinox.

The Virgo New Moon on September 5 makes aspects to many influential and even powerful minor planets, among them Chiron, Pholus, Ixion, Borasisi, and Chaos. These are not asteroids; they are centaurs and points in or near the region of Pluto.

The New Moon chart is about maintaining enough intellectual objectivity so as not to be afraid to ask deep questions and size up the answers honestly.
Chiron in particular is opposite the Sun and Moon in Virgo. Chiron opposing the New Moon is a way of opening up to creative flow in ways that may not seem obvious—you may notice the creative challenge rather than the results.

There's a reminder to balance out anything technical (in your thoughts and actions; the basic steps of doing something) with something less linear (intuitive or imaginative insights). This is about balancing Virgo and Pisces, a theme that carries through the month.
Uranus in Aries makes a quincunx to the New Moon. The aspect is about unexpected movements, veers, detours, and surprise developments in the equation.
Uranus in this situation is a message to allow in inspiration, perhaps in odd ways. Inspiration is not necessarily what happens with a paintbrush in your hand, but rather knowing how to use ideas that come in—the detours and other circumstances that compel adjustment to your plan.

Next up is the Pisces Full Moon, which takes place September 19. If the New Moon is about going deep, the Full Moon is about going wide, maintaining a global perspective, seeing the impacts of your decisions, and noticing the way that events ripple out into your world, and out into the world.
With the centaur planet Nessus making a quincunx to the Virgo Sun during the Full Moon, we have a picture of how challenging it can be for an individual to sort out internalized “group think” from one’s individual call to serve the community.
Are your actions in reaction to what everybody else thinks you should do? Or are you seeing your own creative potential mirrored back at you (the Moon in Pisces), and using it as a guide for your decisions, with awareness of their impact on those around you?
At the same time as the Pisces Full Moon on September 19, Venus and Saturn are conjunct the north lunar node in Scorpio. This is an image of strong passions being curbed, inhibited, or expressed in a contained way. There is Saturn's need for boundaries blended with the North Node's need for expansion and unfamiliarity, suggesting that if you can submerge yourself in that passion, you might find a new, less familiar way forward.
Chiron in Pisces is part of the conversation too: There could be deep sexual healing available if you can stay present enough to receive it and offer it to others. Remember, this is happening during a Full Moon with the Sun in Virgo: Events will likely play out in a relationship. Stay focused on the idea of service and “the highest good for all concerned” if the lunar tension starts to get to you, or intensify your more critical tendencies.
Finally this month, we have the Libra equinox. The Sun changes signs and the Northern Hemisphere summer ends. The three months encompassing Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius can be the most hectic of the year, as the days grow shorter and the holidays approach. Pace yourself; make a plan now.
The equinox is September 22; the Sun enters Libra at 4:44 p.m. EDT that day. The Sun jumps into the fray of cardinal Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter, filling in the missing leg of the T-square, a valid aspect from the moment of the equinox forward—some would say earlier. Many mundane charts have an event developing with the Sun still mutable, but within range of the aspect.
Libra is one of the cardinal signs, along with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. These signs initiate seasons, and symbolize all forms of initiative.
Since the first degree of Libra shares a special resonance with the first degree of Aries (the Aries Point), the equinox counts as an Aries Point event (especially with so many planets already in Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn). The days around the equinox are moments to watch the news carefully as you parse out your personal reactions to it, and where your life intersects with it.
We seem to live in an Aries Point era, when everything political has personal impact, and our most intimate personal issues are finding expression in collective social events. When the Sun arrives in a cardinal sign, the effect generally gets ramped up.
The way to work with that uptick in energy is not to avoid the news but rather to give yourself permission to take it personally. Since Libra is the sign of balance, there’s a call to pause briefly, take a breath, and consider your place in the world around you (including your intimate relationships—Libra represents those, as well).
As you get your bearings in the transition from Virgo to Libra (or summer to autumn, or winter to spring down under), consider heading into the season with another of Libra’s major themes guiding your intentions and actions: Justice. The world is basically putting out an all-hands-on-deck call in that department. Choose your cause(s) and, as mentioned, pace yourself as the days get shorter and time picks up pace.

Additional research: Amanda Painter

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