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We all try to be positive, but what happens when we find ourselves in negative thinking patterns? Intuitive Lynn A. Robinson offers this helpful process that can turn negative thoughts to a positive attitude and open the doors to abundance.

I’m generally a positive and optimistic person. However, a few weeks ago I was uncharacteristically in a funk for several days. I became aware that I was thinking negatively about some recent financial issues in my business as well as an upcoming move my husband and I are making. As I began to tune in to my thinking process, I heard a different inner voice. It’s the voice I connect with my intuition. I heard, “Lynn, you need to soar.”

That didn’t make any sense to me other than being a nice little saying. So I dismissed it. Of all people, I should know better than to do that with intuitive messages. My only excuse was that I was caught up in negative thinking!

I often find that when you ignore a true piece of inner guidance, it comes back in a louder, or possibly different, form. I call these “intuitive nudges.” I was definitely getting “nudged” by the phrase, “You need to soar.”

I finally sat down to meditate and tried to clear my mind. Remember that intuition often presents itself as a symbolic image or picture.

When I finally allowed myself to get into a state of receptivity I saw a little sign in my mind’s eye. It said, SOAR… Stop — Observe — Appreciate — Receive.

Over the course of the next few days, bits and pieces of a powerful prosperity technique began to form in my mind. Here’s what I learned:


The first step in breaking any habit is to be aware that you’re doing it. Catch yourself in the act of your scarcity-thinking pattern. What do you consistently say to yourself? Here are some common things I hear from clients. “I can’t afford it.” “I’ll never get ahead.” “I’m stuck in this low-paying job.” “I don’t know how I’ll manage to pay the bills this month.” “I feel like I live on the edge all the time.” Or simply, “I’m SO stressed!” Sometimes we get so invested in our negative thinking that these things may appear true. The pessimistic thoughts can block out more positive, intuitive, and creative ideas that could allow us to pursue a new course of direction. In this “stop” phase, ask yourself, “Are these thoughts the ones I want to create in my life?” My guess is that they’re not. So the first prosperity key is to stop making them!


Simply observe the comments you’ve been making. Don’t beat yourself up about these thoughts. Examine the nature of the negative thoughts. Is there an underlying theme that you observe? This could be a belief in your lack of self worth, a concern about your money or time management skills, or a chronic pessimistic approach to life in general and money in particular. Be gentle and kind during this stage. If you heard a loved one saying the self-defeating words listed in the “Stop” section, you’d probably want to rush in and provide some comfort and encouragement. Don’t put a lot of time, energy, and focus on why you have these beliefs. Simply ask yourself, “Are these statements something I want to continue creating in my life?” The answer, most likely, is “no.”


You’re aware of the negative thoughts, you’ve managed to stop them, and you’ve paid attention to their content with gentle observation. The key now is to shift your focus away from what you don’t want and put it onto an idea or thought that feels good. Research shows over and over again that gratitude and appreciation create abundance. Motivational speaker Tony Robbins says it best: “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” If you look, you’ll find many things to be appreciative about in your current life. They don’t need to be about money, prosperity, or anything about your current financial status. Here are some examples from my own life today. My neighbor stopped by with freshly made cookies. It’s really nice to have people that are so thoughtful in my life. I took a break from writing this afternoon and enjoyed a long walk around some gardens that are a few minutes' drive from my house. My son dropped by for dinner and I appreciate what a great guy he is. My husband made a cup of tea for me and brought it up to my office. It made me feel cared for. The intention of the "Appreciation" phase is to help you shift your thoughts and feelings away from “poor me” and toward gratitude. The change in focus assists you in becoming a vibrational match to what you want to create in your life. That is, more ease, money, joy, and peace.


Here’s the tricky part. “Receive” doesn’t mean that having completed the “S-O-A” part of SOAR that money will now magically appear in your wallet or show up in your bank account. Rather, it’s an attitude of reception. It’s an opening up to the abundance that is God within you and the wisdom that fills the universe. It’s a mind-set of releasing fear and allowing faith. When I shift into “Receive” mode, I take a deep breath and in my mind’s eye envision my arms outspread to receive. I feel my heart open, my breathing calm, and a sense of peace come over me. Then I know, deep down, that I’m safe. I have enough right now, today. Everything is okay. I trust in a power greater than myself to provide me with all that I need in order to do the work that I am here to do.


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