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Gabrielle Bernstein wasn’t always living her dream. In her early twenties, she struggled with drug and alcohol addiction before getting sober and reinventing herself as what the Huffington Post describes as “the Dalai Lama for the Gossip Girl set.” In Part 1 of her interview with Omega, she explains how to step into your power, connect with your higher truth, and lead with authenticity. Read Part 2 here

Omega: As a New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and the social media-savvy founder of, you’ve been hailed as a next-generation thought leader and a role model for postmodern spiritual seekers. What is your advice for stepping into your power so you can lead with authenticity?

Gabrielle: Stepping into your power is about getting real. So much of what blocks us from our true power comes into play when we’re not living from an authentic place of truth.

First, become very mindful of how and when you are out of alignment with your truth. What it is that you do, what it is that you say, how is it that you act that is not in alignment with your highest truth and is not supporting the person you are here to be. Get clear about what it feels like to be blocked and what it feels like to be in the flow of your authenticity. Those moments when we recognize, “Okay, my life is not flowing naturally,” that’s when we start to receive the guidance of change.

Getting into a daily dialogue with a power greater than you—whether you call it God or spirit or angels or Grandma—is key to getting in touch with your higher truth. You can do that through prayer and meditation. Prayer is when we ask for guidance, and meditation is when we listen to receive that guidance. That’s a great Marianne Williamson lesson.

Omega: Once we tap into our higher truth and get honest about how we’re blocking it, how can we use that awareness to become a more authentic leader?

Gabrielle: I believe that our purpose for being in the world is to learn great lessons and teach them. But you don’t have to be a motivational speaker or a self-help author to be a teacher or a leader. You can lead with your children, you can lead in your workplace.

Teaching from your own experience is one of the greatest ways to lead with authentic power. It means you’re bringing forth the truthful lessons that you have applied in your own life—the lessons through which you’ve experienced great change—and sharing them with others.

Omega: You’ve advised your students, a.k.a. “Spirit Junkies,” to make sure that their work is guided by passion and service. Why? And how?

Gabrielle: When we are working from a place of passion, it doesn’t feel like work. Whatever we need, those doors open up for us. Real shifts in energy occur for us, and we’re inspired. We begin to live in the flow of the greater order. That’s what passion brings us.

If you’re not sure how to dwell in your passion, do things that bring forth your passion. Practice what makes you passionate.

If you’re feeling blocked, do your work with an intention of service. Rather than asking, “What can I get?” ask yourself, “What can I give?” When we put forth an intention to serve, an invisible force takes over. The energy of service is what creates a movement, whether it’s a movement within you or a movement in the world.

Omega: Your mission is to empower women and help them achieve inner peace. How can women support each other on that path?

Gabrielle: I believe in having spiritual running buddies. They help us stay in alignment with our purpose, they support our energy, and they elevate us. They help us not only work toward our own individual shift but also a collective energetic shift that needs to happen in the world.

Omega: How can we use social media to serve the world?

Gabrielle: I am a humongous fan of social media, and I believe that we can use it for a higher purpose. There is so much negativity in the world today, but we have this great resource at our fingertips. Right now, we all are the media. We can choose to be beacons of light. We can create an energetic movement through the messages that we carry online.

My advice is to share empowering content and, as my friend Jordan Bach, a well-known blogger and champion for the LGBT community, says, “Promote what you love, instead of bashing what you hate.”

I share quotes that inspire me on Instagram. I share my lectures and guided meditations for free. I make videos that are inspirational and I share them every week. It’s important to take responsibility for the impact that your energy and intentions have on the world. So use social media to spread positive, practical messages.

Omega: What do you think makes you so successful at social media?

Gabrielle: I just happen to really love it, and I think whenever you do what you love, it will be a success.

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