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The Photographic Landscapes of Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

The Photographic Landscapes of Robert Rodriguez, Jr.

Robert Rodriguez, Jr., author of Insights From Beyond the Lens, has been a resident of the Hudson Valley region since 1997. As a professional landscape photographer, he focuses on conveying the deep, spiritual beauty he sees and feels in nature.



  • Robert Rodriguez, Jr., teaches and leads workshops and seminars in all aspects of photography including field work and digital editing and printing. He has been an invited speaker to industry associations.

    “As a landscape photographer, I’m always looking to translate what I see and feel about a location or moment into a finished print that can be shared with others.”


  • An award-winning professional landscape photographer, Robert Rodriguez, Jr., specializes in landscapes of the Hudson Valley. Seeking to capture the beauty, or convey the emotional qualities of a place or moment in nature, his images range from the emotionally evocative to the spiritual.

  • The photography of Robert Rodriguez, Jr., has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times. He also donates his work to many nonprofit organizations such as Scenic Hudson and the Mohonk Preserve, as well as displaying his work in hospitals and health centers.

    “Nature can impart a great emotional influence on how a person feels,” says Robert Rodriguez, Jr. “Soothing, serene landscapes [can] alleviate the tension and anxiety that often times is experienced when a patient is sitting in a waiting room.”


  • Robert Rodriguez, Jr.’s fine art prints are held in both private and corporate collections worldwide, and have been exhibited in numerous gallery shows. He conducts photography workshops and seminars throughout North America, and also teaches at his studio in Beacon, New York.

  • Dedicated to conservation, Robert Rodriguez, Jr.’s photography is featured extensively by Scenic Hudson, a nonprofit organization dedicated to land and nature preservation in the Hudson Valley. He also has edited and produced documentary films highlighting the natural beauty of the region.

    “Nature is the great unifier,” says Robert Rodriguez, Jr., “bringing us all together on the planet as humans, and I try to make that as clear and direct in my images.”


  • “As a landscape photographer,” says Robert Rodriguez, Jr., “I’m always seeking great locations that I can connect with emotionally and help tell a particular story. But my experience has shown me that an image that can go beyond the location will always make a more meaningful photograph…If I’m open enough to the moment and the opportunity, I have a chance to capture something truly special.”

  • “Great photography is about connecting emotionally with the viewer,” says Robert Rodriguez, Jr. “That can only come from vision and commitment, a particular way of seeing that goes beyond what’s in front of the lens, and conveys to the viewer what the photographer thought and felt. For that to happen, you need a commitment to your opinion, to your vision, and to working at making images that are always consistent with who you are as a person.”

  • “At the end of the day,” says Robert Rodriguez, Jr., “I just try to keep it simple and do what I love. If nothing else, that’s a privilege I try not to take for granted. And I’m always willing to help anyone else who comes along the same path.”

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