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The Rustic Work of Daniel Mack

The Rustic Work of Daniel Mack

Rustic artist Daniel Mack has been creating rustic work for more than 30 years, making furniture, architectural and garden structures, and small, simple objects. Widely known for his signature chairs crafted out of natural materials and personal artifacts, he works with sticks, saplings, logs, bark, driftwood, and other natural objects.


  • Daniel Mack works in the tradition of a bodger, a craftsman of the woods. He strives to bring out the unique characteristics of the natural objects he collects, highlighting the beauty and eccentricity of each piece he finds. 

  • Mack has written seven books on rustic work, including the popular Making Rustic Furniture. His rustic creations appear in many private and museum collections, including the Smithsonian.

  • He has been creating art from natural materials for nearly four decades—from grand-scale rustic design to working with Hudson River driftwood.

    “I explore the forms, textures and deformities of the trees,” says Mack. “I separate the trees from the forest, re-present and re-member them. I want to keep the history of the tree present in the work and still reflect the hand and heart of the maker.”

  • Mack regularly teaches workshops on rustic work and creativity. A teacher at Omega since 1996, he also has taught nature studies in public schools and hospitals and has created arts programs for veterans. 

  • Mack enjoys sharing his rustic approach to help others develop their own personal creativity. He often teaches about the tools and techniques of building in the rustic style, as well as offering a hands-on experience of how to use natural materials.

  • "Rustic is really a way of saying something about beauty, nature, longing, and your place in the world," says Daniel Mack. "It's much more than just furniture."

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