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Discover the hidden messages right in the palm of your hands with this guide to the 6 major palm lines.

Everyone has lines on their hands that furnish information about their life’s journey. Each line plays a different role and contributes different kinds of information, like how well the mind works, the person’s capacity for affection and feelings of security, the vitality and strength of the body, and more.

Every line tells a different story, and each has a unique character. Lines are filled with details about events in a person’s life that include the past, present, and future. Each line’s strength or weakness symbolically describes the corresponding strength or weakness of the aspect under its domain.

The character or quality of the line is judged by its depth, color, and clarity. Each line must be judged separately. When judging a line, the depth of the channel it cuts and the clarity of the line determine its strength. When a line is deep and clear, the aspect represented by the line is functioning well. When a line is thin or broken, that aspect of the individual is weak or challenged.

Do not be frightened by a delicate line. Lines change more easily than any other part of the hand. They are there for guidance and change as we change. Their ability to change shows us that fate is fluid.

There are six major lines. Usually every hand has Head, Heart, and Life lines. The lines of Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury appear less frequently.

The Heart Line (A) indicates the physical state of the heart and the emotional capability of the individual. When the line is deep and clear the person is steady in their emotions, devoted, and reliable. When the line is thin or broken the individual is more fickle, sentimental, and changeable.

The Head Line (B) is indicative of one’s intelligence and ability to concentrate and focus. It begins close to the beginning of the Life Line. When the line is clear, the individual has a good memory and can think clearly and concentrate. When the line is thin or broken, mental power is weakened and the individual may experience confusion and lack of focus. If the Head and Heart Lines combine, this is a Simian Line and indicates that the head and heart function as one, that thinking has an emotional quality to it.

The Life Line (C) encircles the thumb in a wide arc. It provides information about an individual’s vitality and ability to resist illness. It does not tell the length of one’s life but records how long energy is a gift. When the line is deep and clear, the person’s energy and recuperative ability is strong. When the line is thin or broken energy runs low and the ability to withstand illness is diminished.

The Saturn Line (D) is also known as the Line of Security and the Line of Fate. It represents how secure the individual feels. This can be based on internal or external factors. The line begins near the wrist and runs upward. Every change in the line indicates a new cycle of life. When the line is deep and clear, the person feels secure and conditions are favorable for any undertaking. When the line is missing or defective, the person must work twice as hard. Many people who are “self-made” have no line of Saturn.

The Line of Apollo (E) is also called the Line of Art or the Line of Recognition. This line appears rarely, but when it does it confers creative ability and the possibility of recognition in the person’s chosen field. This line runs from the wrist upward.

The Line of Mercury (F) is also referred to as the Line of Health. This line appears in less than 50 percent of hands. One can have excellent health with or without this line. The Mercury Line describes certain distinct health issues mostly dealing with the digestive system and the liver. If it is deep and clear, it will confer good health and improve even a delicate Life Line.

Adapted from The Art and Science of Hand Reading by Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen. Copyright © 2016 Destiny Books. Printed with permission from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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