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What Does Creativity Mean to You?

What Does Creativity Mean to You?

"What does creativity mean to you?" "How important is art in our lives?" "How do you celebrate art in your life?" We asked some of our Arts Week teachers these questions about art and creativity. Here's what they had to say.


  • Jane Davies, mixed media artist

    "Making art is a path of personal growth, struggle, and discovery. It gives me the constant opportunity to let go of judgment, practice nonattachment, face my inner weaknesses with equanimity, and ultimately find my inner strength." 

  • Peter Gold, trapeze artist

    "Each creative expression is truly unique, like a fingerprint or wave in the ocean. Art allows us to examine reality from different perspectives. As human beings on a path of spiritual evolution, it's only natural that we'd enjoy the variety of reality that art brings us." 

  • Lian Zhen, painter

    "A beautiful painting depicts the harmony between nature and imagination."

  • Carmen Mensink, Thangka artist

    "Painting these enlightened images is like meditation, and for me this is the ideal combination of practicing art and Buddhism at the same time. With my teachings on this art, I hope to inspire people."

  • Daniel Mack, rustic furniture artist

    "Art is that struggle we all go through to make and re-make order in our lives. It’s about hunting, finding, making, re-making, giving away, and starting again."

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