What's the Best Wellness Treatment for You? | Omega

The Omega Wellness Center is a great place to rejuvenate. But how do you choose a service? We've got a few ideas for you. 

One of the best ways to reboot your mind, body, and spirit is with a little self-care.

Bodywork is a great option, but sometimes it's hard to know what treatment will work best for you. 

Omega's Wellness Center offers more than 45 services, from energy work to life coaching to massage and more, but choosing a service doesn't need to stress you out. The reservations staff is trained to listen to your needs and make recommendations based on what’s going on for you. Plus, they make sure the timing works with your workshop, meals, and other Omega events.

“Some of the best feedback we’ve received is that the booking process is therapeutic in itself,” says Omega's Wellness Center manager.

Standard massages and facials are always available, but if you are feeling more adventurous, here are some other treatments that might be right for you.

Feeling Tense? 
Perhaps you’ve traveled from the city and are feeling a little tense or anxious and need a way to unwind from the stress of urban life. You might want to try a service like Thai Massage or Shiatsu, where you don’t have to disrobe and can enjoy gentle stretches, pressure, and movement designed to help you relax.

Craving Connection?
Maybe you’ve come to Omega with a family member or old friend. You can book a Tarot Card Reading together to reflect on your lives and get insights from the past, present, and future. After the reading, you can head to the Café to catch up over tea.

Need Nurturing?
Are you looking for a fresh perspective? Try a Life Coaching session to help you identify goals and make a plan to reach them. Or, experience a blend of gentle touch, verbal dialogue, and reflective listening in a Rubenfeld Synergy Method session to open up greater emotional awareness.

Want Just a sample?
You can book a shorter 25-minute massage or aromatherapy session just to try it out. Or, you can focus on a specific area of the body, like your feet in a Footloose treatment or a neck-and-shoulder Back to Basics massage, to see how your body responds. If you want to try something different, like Energy Balancing or Polarity Therapy, but don't want to commit to an hour or more, you can try a shorter session. You can always book another session if you liked the experience.

In Pain?
Are you dealing with a particular ache or pain that just won’t go away? You can try a range of holistic treatments including chiropractic care, acupuncture, or medical massage. All of these sessions are aimed at resetting your system and restoring balance to the body.

Motivated & Inspired?
If you are looking to get more connected to your body or to start a practice that you can bring home with you, you might want to try a one-on-one yoga, Pilates, or qigong session. These sessions are perfect  for those looking to take their practice up a notch, as well as beginners who may not feel comfortable in a class setting.

Searching for Guy Time?
Try the Rugged Rejuvenator, a facial designed specifically for men that offers deep facial cleansing with a head, neck, and shoulder massage, or a Body Tuning session, which incorporates physical therapy and remedial exercise to help work out tight spots and find more ease in the body.

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