What’s Your Greatest Spiritual Lesson? by Brian Weiss | Omega

Brian Weiss is a leading authority on past-life regression therapy. As a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, Brian was a traditional psychotherapist until one patient recalled past-life traumas while under hypnosis. Today, he conducts seminars, experiential workshops, and professional trainings on past-life regression therapy worldwide.

Omega: What’s your greatest spiritual lesson so far and what advice do you have for those going through difficult times now?

Brian: It gets back to that knowledge that we are not just the body or the brain. We are spiritual beings. We are always being reunited or reconnected. Our physical forms may change. You are like an actor on a stage at the end of a play; we go offstage, but then we come back.

We don’t have to fear so much. That’s perhaps the greatest lesson. We can let go of those lessons as we are always guided. And we can come back when we want to learn more. You don't have to get it all right in this lifetime.



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