Why We Fear Intimacy | Omega

Writer Erica Jong has given voice to a generation of burgeoning feminists. Here's her take on why we struggle with intimacy. Read more from Erica Jong.

Omega: You write about men and women’s fears of intimacy. What’s at the root of it and how can we address it?

Erica: At the root of our fear is that we don’t want to be hurt. When you open yourself to another person, you can be hurt. Today, relationships are complicated by technology, where it's easy to break up with people by text message or email. This makes people more afraid of relationships and perhaps not even able to recognize what a relationship is. I don't think getting to know each other online is a useful way to get to know each other. We really have to know each other face to face. 

I also think women and men don't give love enough time. People make decisions early in a relationship before they really get to know each other. We need to give love more time.

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