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According to Marc David, the way you navigate your life is the way you navigate your metabolism. The good news is you can change how you live and transform your metabolism starting right now.

Metabolism isn’t something you fix. You can measure certain aspects of it, yet metabolism itself is measureless. You can tweak certain parts of it, yet it remains always whole. You can command it to do your bidding, yet it will always answer to a higher source.

Metabolism is not a thing. It’s a journey.
Metabolism is an ever-moving, ever-changing ocean of chemistry whose depths are unfathomable and whose ways are predictably unpredictable. It ebbs and flows with the rhythms of the world and moves to the music of the spheres. It is an epic poem and an infinite symphony. It is at once a current and a currency. It is the downstream waters of the divine. Metabolism can cause events to happen, but it is itself an effect. It is the effect of your life, your existence, your soul. It is a mirror image of your sacred form, the material portal for cosmic forces, a momentary abode for your eternal spirit.

The way you navigate through your metabolic journey is the way you navigate through your life journey. In other words, how you treat your body—how you nourish it, feed it, exalt it, or dethrone it—is how you treat yourself. If your body is seen as special, then you’ll see your life as special. If your metabolism is seen as a chaotic, frightening void, then life will feel the same way, too. If you invite toxicity into your body, then you are asking it into your personal world as well. If you choose to not see how your style of living creates your health, then you are choosing to not see how your choices create your reality. If you invite the sacred into your personal world, you will find it inhabiting your metabolic world.

This is all good news. That’s because you can change how you live at any moment in time and in doing so you can transform your biology. As with all journeys that have been described by poets, playwrights, and storytellers throughout the ages, your metabolic journey takes you through magical lands, strange terrains, dangerous places, dark forests, sacred mountaintops, markets, carnivals, circus tents, the healer’s sanctuary, the garden of delights, and the abyss. You’ll find charlatans dressed in expert’s clothes, experts costumed like clowns, shamans in business suits, Buddhas in bikinis, and allies giggling at you in the most unsuspecting guises, hiding everywhere.

Begin your metabolic journey now.
Allow your body and your outlook to be new again. Let the journey be what it is, because that’s what it will be anyway. When uncertainty reigns, let it be your guide. When your inner knowing issues forth, follow it with trust and self-respect. When your metabolism is wounded, let it cry. Before you test the chemistry of your body, taste your tears. Before you take a drug, meditate, reflect, and pray. Before you limit yourself with a diet, expand yourself with love. Before you lose a pound, gain an insight. Before you exercise, be still. Before you attempt to cast out a bad habit, thank it for its teachings. Before you harm yourself in thought, word, or deed, pause. Before you allow someone dominion over your body, awaken. Before you seek advice, remember your wisdom. Before you speak, make sure it is an improvement of silence. Before you’re intimate with another, touch the sacred. Before you fall ill, catch yourself. Before you lapse into fear, choose light. Before you believe in a world absent of a creator, give birth. Before you remember your divine purpose, celebrate its imminent arrival. Before you eat, give gratitude. Before you sit for long hours, dance. Before you arise, bless everything. Before you sleep, do the same. Before you live another day, agree to be here in your fullness. And before you breathe another breath, choose eternity, choose love, choose now.

Excerpt from The Slow Down Diet by Marc David. Copyright © 2005 by Marc David.

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