Be Here Now

When you arrive at Omega, you'll be greeted by our friendly seasonal service community, a warm group of people who are committed to supporting you during your stay. 

Our community members aspire to the following guidelines. We invite you to do the same so you can make the most of your learning experience.

Stay present: Be as fully present as you can during the workshop. Refrain from the use of cell phone and other electronic devices while in classrooms or public spaces.

Be mindful of time: Pay attention to the schedule, arriving on time for sessions and meals, and helping to ensure that segments begin and end on time.

Create a safe space: Observe confidentiality. Be mindful to give constructive input and feedback during workshop exercises.

Stay open: Practice deep listening. Be respectful of the range of ideas and opinions that may be expressed.

Share and connect: Meet new friends, talk about what you’re experiencing, sit with a variety of people, and network.

Do something different: Break out of your habitual patterns. Speak up rather than remain silent, or listen rather than speak. Go for a break rather than stay with the crowd, or join in rather than sit alone.

Take care of yourself: Participate fully, but also take advantage of your surroundings.