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Check out our new online classes. They're easy to fit in your schedule—and affordable, too.


We're bringing some of your favorite teachers directly to you live from their studios for intimate 1+ hour classes on topics that will help you thrive. 

  • Online Course

    Awaken Your Inner Power

    • Dec 7–Dec 11 2020

    Reinvigorate Your Energy with Qigong • MON-FRI SERIES 12/7-12/11 6-8PM EST

    Qigong expert Robert Peng leads you in a practice of Xi Breathing and 8 Cycles Movement, exercises that balance breath, movement, and meditation to chip away at blockages and reinvigorate the flow of energy.
  • Online Course

    Improve Your Memory Now

    • Dec 12–Dec 12 2020

    Optimize Your Brain • SAT. 12/12 1-2:30PM EST

    With the current challenges making work, school, and home life blurred, the ability to focus is imperative. Join Jim Kwik (his real name) and learn unique techniques to optimize your brain and live your fullest life.
  • Online Course

    Reclaiming the Power of Our Lineage

    • Dec 17–Dec 17 2020

    Discover Family Constellations • THURS. 12/17 5:30-8:30PM EST

    Bring out your gifts rather than suffering under the burdens of the past with Suzi Tucker, a founder of the Family Constellations approach in the U.S.
  • Online Course

    Rooting in Resilience

    • Jan 6–Jan 13 2021

    Start Your Year With Peace & Joy • WED. SERIES 1/6 & 1/13 7:00-9:00PM EST

    Reconnect to your truth, shed the old, and vision the new as you create a personalized roadmap for 2021 with storyteller and life coach Robyn Moreno.
  • Online Course

    Aging Backwards For All Ages

    • Jan 7–Jan 7 2021

    Learn the Essentrics Fitness Technique • THURS. 1/7 7-9pm EST

    Join Miranda Esmonde-White, creator of Essentrics, for specialized Essentrics workouts (for all ages and fitness levels) designed to boost your energy and stimulate your brain.
  • Online Course

    Introduction to Understanding Chronic & Mystery Illnesses

    • Jan 16–Feb 6 2021

    Find Your Way To Health • SAT. SERIES 1/16, 1/23, 1/30, 2/6 1-3PM EST

    Discover the root causes of autoimmune illnesses and gather the wellness tools you need to navigate your way back to health with Muneeza Ahmed, the Intuitive Medicine Woman.
  • Online Course

    Narrative Healing

    • Jan 21–Jan 21 2021

    Uncover & Heal Hidden Stories • THURS. 1/21 7-9PM EST

    Experience the potential of storytelling, generate new creative work, and connect deeply with yourself and the world around you in this workshop with Jamia Wilson, executive editor at Random House, and Lisa Weinert, founder of the Narrative Healing Program.
  • Online Course

    Radical Remission: A 2-Part Workshop

    • Feb 2–Feb 9 2021

    Tools To Help Prevent Cancer • TUES. SERIES 2/2 & 2/9 7-9PM EST

    Discover and apply to your life four of the major healing factors shared by cancer survivors with Radical Remission teacher Kathryn Doherty. You'll leave this workshop with 1, 6, and 12-month action plans to implement right away.
  • Online Course

    Introduction to Storytelling

    • Feb 16–Feb 16 2021

    Learn To Share Your Real-Life Stories • TUES. 2/16 6-9PM EST

    Telling stories about stressful times in life can help. Identify and learn possible ways to develop the story you most want to tell with Obie award-winning writer-performer Chris Wells.
  • Online Course

    Four Mentors & the Spiritual Quest

    • Feb 20–Feb 20 2021

    How to Find the Right Teacher • SAT. 2/20 1-4PM EST

    Join Dan Millman, author of the spiritual classic Way of the Peaceful Warrior, as he recounts his true story of personal struggle and evolution, shedding light on his―and your―shared quest for the teacher(s) you need right now.