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Meditation is a way to help focus on the moment and cultivate deeper awareness. It can be practiced independent of any religious or spiritual practices and the benefits include reducing stress, boosting your immune system, increasing focus throughout the day, and even helping you feel happier.


If you’re ready to start a meditation practice or expand it, you can start right here with the two popular practices below. You can also consider these upcoming meditation workshops at Omega.  

  • Video

    Use Tonglen Meditation to Relieve Pain in the World

    04:46 minute watch

    Meditate with Pema Chödrön

    Join Pema Chödrön for this simple meditation, where breath can help relieve pain and anguish, and provide comfort to any person, animal, or nation.
  • Focus On Connection

    Author and activist angel Kyodo williams offers an exercise to help connect you to your core values and inherent autonomy.

Meditation Workshops at Omega