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We're bringing some of your favorite teachers directly to you live from their studios for intimate 1+ hour classes on topics that will help you thrive. 

  • Online Course

    Uncover Your Creative Power

    • Apr 7–Apr 28 2021

    Uncover Your Creative Power • SERIES WED. 4/7, 4/14, 4/21 7-9PM EDT & WED. 4/28 7-8PM EDT

    Unearth your truest voice in this 4-part workshop for women led by Elizabeth Lesser, Kemi Nekvapil, and Loung Ung.
  • Online Course

    Qigong & Sound Healing for Awakening

    • May 4–May 4 2021

    Qigong & Sound Healing for Awakening • TUE. 5/4 7-9PM EDT

    Balance your body, mind, and heart with the ancient practices of qigong and sound healing in this online class with master teacher Mingtong Gu.
  • Online Course

    Introduction to Freedom from Chronic Pain

    • May 11–May 11 2021

    Introduction to Freedom from Chronic Pain • TUE. 5/11 6-9PM EDT

    Discover how to allow repressed feelings to rise and find freedom from chronic pain with experts Nicole Sachs and Caroline Lee Dewey.
  • Online Course

    Energy Healing Tools for Serenity & Peace

    • May 12–May 12 2021

    Energy Healing Tools for Serenity & Peace • WED. 5/12 7-9PM EDT

    Learn practices from a variety of energy healing traditions to cultivate stillness and inner peace with Reiki master Brett Bevell.
  • Online Course

    Healing Breathwork Meditation

    • May 18–May 18 2021

    Healing Breathwork Meditation • TUE. 5/18 7-9PM EDT

    Experience the healing breathwork of David Elliott to move energy and improve your health and well-being.
  • Online Course

    Creating Your Highest Vision

    • May 19–May 19 2021

    Creating Your Highest Vision • WED. 5/19 6-8PM EDT

    Develop a vision for your highest purpose using ancient and modern practices with Devi Brown, chief impact officer at Chopra Global.
  • Online Course

    Effortless Mindfulness: Micro-Meditations for Awakening

    • May 25–May 25 2021

    Effortless Mindfulness: Micro-Meditations for Awakening • TUE. 5/25 6-8PM EDT

    Learn to apply short glimpses of awakening to your daily life with psychotherapist and meditation teacher Loch Kelly.
  • Online Course

    Animal Energy Healing

    • May 26–May 26 2021

    Animal Energy Healing • WED. 5/26 6-8PM EDT

    Discover how to use energy to help the animal in your life feel their best, with animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon.
  • Online Course

    Dinner & A Movie

    • Jun 1–Jun 1 2021

    Dinner & A Movie • TUE. 6/1 6-9PM EDT

    Join Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Claude Kerven to discuss Eat Drink Man Woman and cook dishes directly from the film.
  • Online Course

    Free Yourself From Clutter

    • Jun 2–Jun 2 2021

    Free Yourself From Clutter • WED. 6/2 7-9PM EDT

    Get your house—and your life—in order with decluttering expert Peggy Fitzsimmons.
  • Online Course

    Intuitive Object Making

    • Jun 8–Jun 8 2021

    Intuitive Object Making • TUE. 6/8 6-9PM EDT

    Access your creative unconscious by taking a new approach to object making―as a form of alchemy―with artist Daniel Mack.
  • Online Course

    Wild Abandon in Sketching & Watercolor

    • Jun 15–Jun 15 2021

    Wild Abandon in Sketching & Watercolor • TUE. 6/15 6-9PM EDT

    Unleash your inner muse with Jill Badonsky, creator of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching.