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Yoga is not about getting your feet behind your head, it’s a practice that can help you reconnect and rediscover who you are.


Get inspired by these 3 simple reasons to start or reignite your practice. Then choose the yoga program that speaks to you.

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    Omega's Guide to Yoga Styles

    1) There's a path for every person.

    Not that flexible? There’s a yoga class for that. Looking to lose weight? Yoga can help. Want to reduce your inner chatter? Yes, yoga is a great start.
  • 2) It's adaptable for any body.

    There’s no need to be “skinny or bendy.” Yoga can be adjusted for any age, body shape, level of fitness, and more.
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    Mindful Teachers Make Mindful Students

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    3) It can happen anywhere.

    Yoga doesn’t just happen in a studio, it can be taught at schools to principals, teachers, and students—so that everyone can benefit.

Yoga Programs at Omega