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Omega Women's Leadership Center

The Omega Women’s Leadership Center (OWLC), which launched in September 2012, envisions a future in which women’s leadership advances what matters most: nurturing and mutual relationships; healthy families and communities; and a peaceful, just, and sustainable world—for everybody. As the OWLC transforms what it means to lead, we are looking for partners who share our vision of a new model of power. Learn more.

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OWLC Challenge Grant


The programs we envision, and the resources to realize them, require us to raise more than $14 million over five years. We have already secured commitments of more than $9 million and need your help to meet current challenge grant requirements. For every dollar donated to the OWLC, we receive $4 in matching funds.

OWLC Scholarships


With a cost of approximately $1,000 to bring a young leader to our campus for a program, generous contributions are deeply appreciated and make a difference in the lives of promising leaders, their communities, and the world.