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Omega Moments

Seeking and finding connection is at the core of what we do here at Omega. We invite you to enjoy stories from Omega participants who have found transformative change this year.

“Omega gives me solace and inner peace each time I visit. I am crazy thrilled about being there. It is pure whole-self nourishment. I feel more grounded when I am there than any other place I visit, like I'm coming home to myself. I can't wait to return again and again. Omega lives in my heart.” – participant in Pema Chödrön's Touching the Present

“Omega provides the canvas and we all paint on it in our own ways. People were truly overjoyed this weekend.” – participant in the 2015 Camp Boiberik Reunion

“I found the me I didn't realize I was looking for.” – participant in Karen Kenney's Yoga & Writing

“The most valuable experience during my stay was the sense of being cared for, of being part of a temporary community, while still finding the solitude I needed for introspection, reflection, and meditative practice.” – participant in Matthew Daniell's Insight Meditation for Beginners

“It was an amazing weekend. It broke me wide open, I feel transformed and I don't think I know all of the ways that transformation will manifest yet.” – participant in Elizabeth Lesser's Women & Power

“I always feel so held at Omega and this weekend was no exception. The never-ending smiles and friendliness, the rich and provocative teachings, the collective energy of those who visited that same weekend, the beauty of the space, the nourishing and nurturing food, and the simplicity of it all, all supported me to breathe in and out, unencumbered.” – participant in Pema Chödrön's Touching the Present

“The faculty create a space where people can be seen in their best light and are allowed to dream about what is possible for their life. This is the most transformational workshop I have ever attended.” – participant in David Gershon and Gail Straub's Empowerment Workshop

“It is always a pleasure to be at Omega. The people who are drawn to participate in its classes seem to be friends I simply haven't met yet.” – participant in Pema Chödrön's Touching the Present

“I enjoyed the conference immensely but for me the magic happened at meal times. I found a great group of women, all strangers before the weekend, who are about a decade older than I am. They were so encouraging and I felt like I had walked into a sisterhood that I don't have access to when I'm at home.” – participant in Elizabeth Lesser's Women & Power

“My son adored this program. He experienced exploring the woods for the first time. He was excited to find so many insects and creatures, and he tried a lot of new things. Most importantly, he adored the rangers and he made very sweet emotional connections with some of them. My heart swelled each day when I went to pick him up and I saw him very clearly being supported and lovingly engaged. Thank you!” – participant in Elizabeth Lesser's Family Week

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THANK YOU for creating the new connection—and reconnection—that the world needs most, and for all the ways you already join Omega in this work.

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