Omega Wellness Center

Energy Work

Energy work is a wellness treatment where a practitioner works on your energetic field, or energy body instead of, or in addition to, your physical body. An energy work session is a unique experience that can give you a new perspective and accelerate healing on all levels.

Energy Balancing

$55/25 minutes
$85/50 minutes
$120/80 minutes

You are born with an amazing network of energy lines, channels, and vortexes (chakras) within your body. These energy systems ensure that all aspects of you stay strong and healthy. When there is a block in an energy pathway, aspects of your body and/or mind also become blocked. Energy balancing at the Omega Wellness Center works at releasing and redirecting stagnant energy, thus accelerating healing on all levels of your being.


$45/25 minutes
$75/50 minutes
$110/80 minutes

Reiki (rei means "God's wisdom" and ki means "life force energy") can be translated as "spiritually guided life force energy." This ancient healing art is a gentle form of energy healing that uses light hand positions. As you enter into a deep state of tranquility, healing and the release of stress on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies can take place.