2013 Where We Go From Here Conference

Opportunities & Solutions for an Interdependent World

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Event Schedule


9:00–12:30 Conference Speakers:

Welcome with Carla Goldstein

Opening remarks with Robert "Skip" Backus 

Keynote Address with Jeremy Rifkin: Leading the Way Into the Third Industrial Revolution

Keynote Address with Majora Carter: Department of HomeTown Security

Keynote Address with Michael E. Reynolds: Sustainable Autonomy for Everyone

2:00–5:30 p.m. Conference Speakers:

Keynote Address with Janine Benyus: Biomimicry: Learning From a Competent Earth

Conversation with Janine Benyus & Bob Berkebile

Keynote Address with Paul Hawken: Carbon: The Business of Life

Conversation with Paul Hawken & Janine Benyus

Presentation with Rob Hopkins: How Local Action Can Change the World


Conference Speakers:

Welcome with Sarah Urech

Keynote Address with Bob Berkebile: From the White House to the Green House: Redesigning Our Future for Vitality

Keynote Address with David W. Orr: Designing Resilience in a Black Swan World

Spoken Word Performance with Rafael Casal

Panel Conversation with Bob BerkebileDavid W. OrrJanine BenyusMajora Carter, and Robert “Skip” Backus: Where Do You Go From Here

Closing Remarks with Carla Goldstein