Family Week

Dabblers Delights, Musical Medicine & Evening Events

2018 information listed below. Please check back for 2019 information in March.

2:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Adults are welcome to choose from the following Dabblers offered Tuesday through Thursday afternoons during Family Week. You may take a different Dabbler class each afternoon, stay with your favorite one, or just take an afternoon off to relax!

Please check the schedules that are posted all around campus, as different dabblers are offered on different days.

***Please note that Tennis Inside the Zone with Rob Polishook hase limited enrollment, so please sign up early at Guest Services.

Dabbler's Delights

Yoga Drum Dance: Healing Communities With Rhythm
Ram Bhagat, EdD, RYT200, Kiran Bhagat, RYT200, and Traci Bhagat, RYT200
Explore your innate ability to connect with the spiritual rhythms of life through a fusion of yoga, drum, and dance. Experience the healing vibrations of drums, unifying power of song, and uplifting magic of dance and the freedom of creative movement within a sacred polyrhythmic circle. Strengthen your resilience to toxic stress, divisive conflict, and historical trauma with a synergistic approach to collective mindfulness. No drumming, dance, or yoga experience is necessary.

It’s Not Easy, But It Feels Good When I Stop
Joe Killian
Joe Killian has been teaching at Family Week for many years, and a few years ago he arrived on campus having lost a whole lot of weight. Now everyone wants to know how he did it, what he eats, and how he stays in shape. Well, talk is cheap. Come find out for yourself in this Dabbler that could also be called It's Never Too Late To Do Sit Ups. Joe's personal trainer will make a guest appearance.

Introduction to Creating Mandala Art
Kathryn Costa
Spend an afternoon awakening your creativity as you learn how to draw mandalas. Mandala means "circle" or "center" in Sanskrit. This lesson is for beginners as well as experienced artists who are curious to explore a creative and contemplative practice.

Singing in the Stream
Maggie Wheeler and Emile Hassan Dyer
Join in the ancient tradition of community-building through song. Learn rhythms, harmonies, chants. and songs from around the world in a fun and relaxed environment. Singing together is a joyous and invigorating experience, and a great way to release tensions while creating a sense of cooperation and trust. You will be amazed at the beauty and harmony we create together!

Story Alchemy
Rachel Schaeffer
Carrying old stories and limiting beliefs around weighs us down. Rewrite narratives of self-doubt, criticism, and judgment to create new stories for your life.

Tennis Inside the Zone
Rob Polishook
***Limited Enrollment, please sign up at Guest Services
In this dabbler, we learn off-court exercises that strengthen concentration and somatic centeredness. Then we head to the courts to build awareness and trust, to unleash our inner player, and most of all have fun. Come on over to the tennis courts and unleash your inner player. Beginners to advanced levels; please wear sneakers and shorts or work-out pants.
(***This program will be cancelled if there is inclement weather.)

Zumba® (1-hour class)
Veronica Domingo
Get your blood pumping with Zumba®—a Latin-inspired, easy to follow, calorie-burning, dance fitness-party™ workout that combines a motivating fusion of international music with dynamic moves that allow you to dance away your worries. Feel the music and let loose. Bring water and dress to sweat for this exercise in disguise.

Musical Medicine

Plus don't miss Musical Medicine with David Wilcox during lunch and dinner in Maple. Just drop by, or stay for as long as you like.

12:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.

Musical Medicine
David Wilcox

Join Dave Wilcox, one of America’s most beloved singer-songwriters, for an adventure of healing music. Anyone can join—kids and grown ups of all ages—and ask for a song, written on the spot by Dave, to answer your questions and musings. Head on over to the song-circle for a heart-warming, funny, and surprising session.

Evening Events

Check back soon for more 2018 Family Week details!