Family Week

Welcome From Elizabeth Lesser

It Takes a Village...

A Message From Omega Cofounder Elizabeth Lesser...

I started Family Week in 1984 when my own kids were little because I had heard that it takes a village to raise a child. I looked around and…where was the village?

Life at home and work were so busy, there was just no time to create the kind of community I needed and my kids needed. So, we at Omega set out to create a "village" that would support families for at least one week out of the year. And we have had such a wonderful time doing it. It's become one of the most popular programs at Omega, with families returning year after year, making life-long friends, and building a support system that stays in place over the year. We've watched kids grow from toddlers to teenagers and now some of those teenagers are young adults who are still part of the village, teaching some of the kids camps! It's truly a community.

There is something for everyone at Family Week. Workshops for the grownups that teach skills or help you relax or give you a renewed sense of purpose. The schedule is more flexible than at other times so that the most important people in the world—parents—can get a well-deserved rest  And for the kids there are camps that engage their body, mind, and spirit, get them outside on our beautiful campus, help them make friends, and instill the values of cooperation, compassion, and joyful living.

Come and join our village!

It takes a village to raise children. Omega Cofounder Elizabeth Lesser talks about the formation of Family Week and how it evolved into a village.