Omega Women's Leadership Center

Juno Leadership Collective

The Juno Leadership Collective is a year-long immersive training program at the OWLC for women leaders in nonprofit organizations working on issues including equality, justice, sustainability, violence, and economic empowerment. The Juno Leadership Collective brings together all of the lifelong learning resources of Omega Institute to offer an integrated approach to leadership development, personal growth, and social change.

The Juno Leadership Collective allows the OWLC to directly support our partners and provide a specialized set of educational offerings centered on the OWLC curriculum. This unique opportunity is available to leaders of a small number of qualified nonprofit organizations that are engaged in path-breaking work and are well positioned to benefit from participation. Read about the current cohort members participating in the Juno Leadership Collective.

The Juno Leadership Collective program consists of the following components:

  • Omega Women's Leadership Intensive: A five-day workshop at which leaders receive a comprehensive introduction to the OWLC curriculum and create an actionable leadership plan to further develop and refine their own leadership goals.
  • Women Serving Women Summit: A three-day annual convening of OWLC sister organizations, away from the day-to-day work setting, to which leaders bring their organizations for strategic planning, team-building, organizational development, and networking with like-minded organizations.
  • Skill-Building Workshop: OWLC skill-building workshops focus on developing unique and effective skills in financial literacy, conflict resolution, visioning and risk-taking, mindfulness, resilience, public speaking and writing, storytelling, creative expression, collaboration, and leadership skill-building. One workshop is included in the program. Additional workshops are available a la carte at a discounted rate.
  • Juno Residency: Leaders are invited to Omega’s Juno Cottage for an individual, self-guided, three-day residency at Omega's Rhinebeck campus for reflection and contemplation. Juno residents contribute to a Leadership Questions Project, a women leaders' circle of written dialogue.
  • Online Learning: During the winter months, Juno Leadership Collective leaders have the opportunity to engage in an online learning course to strengthen their leadership skills and build on the Intensive leadership curriculum.
  • Learning Cohort: Juno Leadership Collective participants form a group for peer support and learning to support implementing their Leadership Plan. The learning cohort is a central feature of the OWLC leadership training and provides participants with valuable peer support and guidance. In support of cohort relationship-building, there are five group video calls, and monthly email communications throughout the year.
  • 1-year Omega Membership: Omega Membership enables participants to access and stay involved with Omega year-round. Benefits include: workshop and campus discounts, one additional free online course each year, unlimited access to inspiring articles, videos, and talks.

Qualifications for participation:

  • Currently employed in a leadership role at a nonprofit organization
  • Available to fully participate in program components
  • Desires to be part of a peer-learning community
  • Values a holistic approach to personal and professional development

We are currently continuing on with the 2019-2020 Juno Cohort, extended due to the pandemic, and will not be offering a new Juno Leadership Collective Cohort in 2021. Please check back in 2022.  

Through the Juno Leadership Collective, we are strengthening partnerships with women leaders and the organizations they lead, forming a vital learning community to increase our collective impact.