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While it is up to us to discover and explore our personal path, no one is doing so alone. More
Omega Institute Jesus, Spirituality, and the Soul of the Gospels by Thomas Moore
The world is changing. When you look at the surface of cultural developments you see new technology, threats to the environment, and perhaps a loss of traditional religious piety. But if you look closer you may see deeper and more positive developments as well. More and more people are concerned about the planet on which we live, a sign of a maturing moral sense. We are slowly becoming less sexist and are even more open to men and women living the gay life, a sign that our own sexuality is less defensive. More
Stronger than anger, hatred, or revenge, love is the force that has the ability to heal everyone, because love is an act of self-care. Here, New York Times best-selling author Cheryl Richardson offers a glimpse into the power of love in life's challenging moments. More