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The last rays of sunshine in the Omega Garden.— --Jason Petersen
I could get used to this. --Belinda Addimando
Grateful that we made a beautiful moment today. --Nikki Addimando
The quiet beauty of Omega in winter. --Mark Lerner
Setting Intention with Ji Hyang. --Cara DeVito
This horseback ride on the coast was an excursion I won't forget. --Sophie Greller
An unlikely workshop participant at Omega Costa Rica. --Lynda Sorenson
A serene walk down to the Infinity Pool. --Jason Petersen
A much-needed reboot at the Infinity Pool. --Sean Finn
What a beautiful storm.— --Maureen Drake
Game on. --Joel Levitan
Mother-daughter bonding time by the lake. --Jennifer Cohen Harper
The Ram Dass Library: Feels like home. --Kate Cruz
Omega shows that beauty really is everywhere.— --Stephanie Almasi
I love finding these treasures scattered around. --Erin Gehringer
Reminders left by Yearning Pond. Thank you. --Sean Finn
Snow-covered stillness at the lake. Stunning --Michelle Horton
Breathing in beauty, breathing out gratitude. --Stephanie Almasi
Channeling my creativity into mosaics. --Kathleen Laucius
Taking time to sit, breathe, and watch the sky.— --Sarah Anne Wilkinson
Solar-powered squirrel at the OCSL. --Laura Weiland
Feeling the lovingkindness today. --Shulin Chinilson
Made a new friend today. --Mark Lerner
Peonies bringing me peace at the beginning and end of my day. --Randi Marshall
Blissed out. --RONEN YAARI
Magical morning at the beach. --Dawnell Graham
Reconnecting with past and present lives at Brian Weiss seminar. --Loretta Tepper
Row, row, row your boat... --Jenifer Ruby
Delicate flowers in the field. --Jenifer Ruby
Helen and I enjoying Long Pond. --Willem Van den Berg