Making Friends at the Yoga Service Conference | Omega
Jennifer Harper Cohen, a leading voice in the children’s yoga community, helped Omega and the Yoga Service Council organize our recent Yoga Service Conference that was attended by more than 135 yoga teachers, social workers, school teachers, therapists, and health professionals representing more than 30 service organizations. 


Jennifer (at left) decided to bring her young daughter Isabelle along for the weekend. Paige Eleson (at right), founder of the Africa Yoga Project, had the same idea, and brought her daughter Penzi. The little girls formed an instant bond, and what both mothers hope will be a lasting friendship. Incredibly, they live 7,000 miles away from each other, but were born only 4 days apart!  Jennifer says, “It will be interesting to see how experiences like this one shape who they become.”


Sharing yoga with children can be a unique and fulfilling way to bring great joy to both teacher and student. Jennifer is the founder of Little Flower Yoga, a unique organization that provides education based yoga programs to schools and youth organizations, teaches creative and nurturing classes for children and families, and trains teachers to engage, encourage and inspire joy in all students. 


Learn more  about the Little Flower Yoga Teacher Training at Omega August 11–16

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