A Zen Portrait of Omega's Mission Statement | Omega
With his Zen-inspired approach to painting, Zen calligrapher Alok Hsu Kwang-han takes his students on a journey into the creativity of non-doing. Along the way, he reveals not only the art of painting, but also the process of inspiration, creation, and expression itself. While teaching a workshop at Omega this summer, Alok Hsu Kwang-han explored Omega’s mission statement as a practice and posed this important question to his students: “Do we have the trust, the love, to allow the best in our human spirit to be awakened?”


In a special ceremonial event during the workshop, he created an inspiring Zen portrait of the most familiar segment of Omega’s mission statement: “awaken the best in the human spirit.” As just one of the many expressions created during the weekend, the finished ink painting was displayed in Omega’s Sanctuary and is an offering of what Alok believes the Omega mission statement continuously conveys and creatively sends outward into the world.



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