Equine Therapy: How Horses Help Trauma Survivors Recover | Omega

Military women and women veterans face particular challenges, in their military and post-military experiences, including when they seek treatments for PTSD. One highly effective trauma treatment is not necessarily new, but is being approached in a whole new way: equine therapy.

More than 30 Veterans Affairs medical centers around the United States are now using some form of equine-assisted therapy for treating veterans. Equine therapy is effective because horses can sense human moods and can help trauma victims reconnect with their bodies, and remain connected in the present moment.

In programs like Freedom Farm in Minnesota, a free equine therapy program for female veterans, those who are recovering from sexual trauma can harness the healing, calming power of horses, while learning to reconnect with their own power. Omega also offers special programs for veterans—such as Healing From Military Trauma, a retreat for military women and women veterans—which often uses equine therapy to assist in the healing and recovery process.

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