Sarah Urech is acting director of the Omega Women's Leadership Center. A multilingual performer and singer, she has performed and taught playback theatre in 16 countries, including Cuba, Japan, and Russia, and is the development director of Hudson River Playback Theatre. Before coming to Omega, she was the director of the Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital in Kingston, NY, where she received multiple awards for her work in holistic programming, patient advocacy, and oncology social work. Watch Sarah speak about the practice of listening as an important step in human evolution.

bobbie arrington is the community engagement specialist for the Omega Women’s Leadership Center. bobbie has dedicated her career to empowering vulnerable populations internationally and domestically focusing on gender equity and economic, racial, and environmental justice. Before Omega, she was educating future social workers on social justice, human rights, and cultural humility at Monmouth University.

Sarah Anne Wilkinson is the marketing and communications strategist for the Omega Women’s Leadership Center. Sarah Anne has a long history of doing communications for good, working for non-profits and foundations to improve health care, the environment, global health, and training people around the earth to become strong self-advocates.

Alma Rodriguez, administrative assistant for the Omega Women’s Leadership Center, has a background in publishing and non-profit management where she focuses on environmental and social justice, healthy living, and education. As a service-minded entrepreneur she formed several non-profit organizations, schools, and for-profit businesses. She has a long history of advocating for women of color.



Elizabeth Lesser is cofounder of the Omega Institute and the Omega Women's Leadership Center. Author of The Seeker’s Guide and the New York Times best seller, Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow, she has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, at the TED Women conference, and is a frequent speaker at conferences worldwide.

Carla Goldstein, JD, is president of Omega Institute and cofounder of the Omega Women's Leadership Center. An attorney with 25 years of experience in public interest advocacy, she has contributed to more than 100 city, state, and federal laws, and has worked extensively on issues related to women’s rights, poverty, public health, and social justice.

Sarah Peter is cofounder of the Omega Women's Leadership Center and an artist who lives in New York City. She has given generous and visionary support to the Modern Women’s Fund at the Museum of Modern Art, and the Odwar Fund in Uganda. At the heart of Sarah Peter’s philanthropic giving is the goal of acknowledging individual women’s contributions and helping to improve the lives of women.