OCSL Take Action

The Omega Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL) is committed to fostering a healthy and hopeful relationship with water for all. In 2009, we built an Eco Machine™, a natural water reclamation facility, to purify the water used on our campus. We continue to grow collaborative relationships with many local organizations working to clean and protect water in our region.

Learn more and help by signing petitions, writing your local government officials, and commenting on proposed plans. Adding your voice matters.

Support Improvements to Water Infrastructure

Aging infrastructure has been responsible for water quality issues around the country, from PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate, a toxic component used in firefighting foam) found in the drinking water of Newburgh, N.Y., to lead discovered in Flint, Michigan. Riverkeeper, through its "Reforming the Water Vision" campaign, is calling on New York State to repair outdated infrastructure and implement proactive water-protection strategies. Learn more here

Limit Oil Barge Anchoring Sites on the Hudson

The U.S. Coast Guard has paused its proposed plan to allow large vessels to anchor along the Hudson River, in lieu of more study. But the threat of more oil-bearing vessels parked along the river remains. Learn more from Riverkeeper about the impacts and risks.  Also see hudsonriveranchorages.org for more information.

No More Bomb Trains on the Hudson

Support Riverkeeper’s call for a moratorium on crude oil transportation through New York State. Check out the New York Times op-doc A Danger on the Rails, and call and/or write Governor Cuomo.

Stop Pollution in the Hudson

Learn more about Riverkeeper's campaign to replace outdated sewer systems with Source Control options.

Learn More about Regenerative Solutions

Visit Omega’s Eco Machine™. Browse our content archives for free online workshop videos from our past conferences, articles, and more. Study with experienced faculty in our on-campus programs and trainings, and watch for announcements about free evening talks and events open to the community.