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Costa Rica FAQ

Find the answers to the most commonly asked questions below.

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General FAQ

Q: Where can I find out about traveling to Costa Rica?
Please see information about planning, directions, arrival, and other details in the Get Here section

Q: Is Blue Spirit accessible for those with disabilities or limited mobility?
Blue Spirit Costa Rica has limited accommodations for people with disabilities; please call Omega Registration at 877.944.2002 for details. An elevator allows access throughout the main building, which includes the classrooms and dining room. However, Blue Spirit is located on a hill by the beach and as such the outdoor terrain is difficult to maneuver.

Q: What is the weather like?
January and February are perfect for a Costa Rica getaway. The dry season has just begun and the weather is ideal. Temperatures usually average 75-95 degrees Fahrenheit with little rain and few bugs.

Q: Do I need to bring cash, or can I use credit cards or checks?
Please see a list of suggested items to bring and money

Q: What if I need emergency assistance, first aid, or medical attention while at Blue Spirit?
Costa Rica has high health standards and is considered one of the safest destinations in the developing world. English-speaking doctors have offices located 15 minutes from Blue Spirit, along with dentists. A hospital is located within a 45-minutes drive in Nicoya, or for serious conditions an air lift is available to a hospital with excellent and Western standard medical care in San Jose within 45 minutes. Check with your health insurance carrier about coverage abroad.

Q: Is smoking permitted at Omega?
Blue Spirit is a nonsmoking facility. There is one smoking area on campus. Please ask a staff member to direct you to its location when you arrive. 

Q: Will I have access to a phone?
Blue Spirit offers a phone for guests to make calls within Costa Rica (free of charge) and international calls (phone cards can be purchased at front desk). The use of Skype or other Internet phone services is also recommended. Wi-Fi is available at no charge everywhere on the premises (except Tents and Eco-Cottages). Messages can be left for you during your stay at Blue Spirit at 1-845-684-2007. This line connects with Blue Spirit offices in Costa Rica at US calling rates.

Q: What about cell phones?
There is cell phone service on the premises that supports local Costa Rica cell phones and international phones (though this is expensive).

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi at Blue Spirit?
Wireless Internet is available at no cost and can be accessed via personal laptops for use of email, Skype, or any Internet-phone calls. Please note that Blue Spirit does not guarantee connection to all types of laptop computers and does not provide a technician for Wi-Fi access. There is a public access computer available to all guests (free of charge) in the Lobby.

Q: Do I need special converters for my electronic devices?
The voltage throughout the country is 110, the same as in North America. Travelers with appliances set for 220 will need an adapter that changes the voltage and allows for use of a different plug. 

Q: Can I record my workshop or event?
Recording (video or audio) of any workshop or evening event is not permitted.

Q: Do you have a safe?
Each room is provided with a small safe at no charge. The safe is big enough to hold a laptop. Blue Spirit is not responsible for any stolen personal belongings on the premises. Tents do not come with a safe, but valuables can be stored in a safe at the front desk. 

Q: Can I use candles or incense?
For reasons of fire safety, candles and incense burning is prohibited in all accommodations and facilities. With prior permission, the burning of candles and incense is permitted for ritual or teaching purposes in the classrooms, if the flame is attended to at all times. 

Q: What if I lose my room key?
Blue Spirit charges a $25 fee for lost or nonreturned room keys.

Q: What is the time zone in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is on Central Standard Time, six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time and one hour behind EST in the States. It does not use daylight saving time, which means that when there is daylight saving time in the United States, then Costa Rica is on MST (2 hours behind EST).

Q: What kind of transportation options do you offer?
Please see information about planning, directions, arrival, and other details in the Get Here section, or reach out to Omega’s Registration Team.

Q: Do I need travel insurance?
We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance, which insures you against unforeseen sickness, injury, job loss, inclement weather, and more. Special rates are available through TravMark's A+ Program Protection Plans. Get a free quote today. 

Q: What is a Blue Zone?
A “blue zone” is a geographic area of the world where more people live past 100 years than in other places. What’s the secret to a Blue Zone community? Living a good, healthy life—which you’ll experience at Omega Costa Rica.

Accommodations FAQ

Q: Do the accommodations have air conditioning or fans?
 All rooms have ceiling fans. The Eco-Cottages do not have air conditioning. The Hermitage rooms, Nature Cottages and Mountain View, Ocean View, and Superior Ocean View rooms all have air conditioning.

Q: Do the windows open? Do they have screens?
 All of the rooms have windows that open, with screens. Some feature balcony doors.

Q: Do the rooms have hair dryers and toiletries?
 There are no hair dryers in the rooms. Blue Spirit does provide shampoo, conditioner, and a bar of soap. Also, there is a store on site where you can purchase additional toiletries.

Q: Do I need to bring a voltage converter for the electrical outlets?
 If you are coming from the United States, you will not need a voltage converter, as both countries use the 110 volt system. If you are coming from Europe, you will need a voltage converter.

Q: What sizes are the beds and what types of rooms are available?
There are a variety of different accommodations to choose from. Visit the Accommodations page for details.

Q: Are there any adjoining rooms?

Q: Are there phones in the rooms?
 There are no phones in the rooms, but there are phones on site for use. An international calling card is necessary to use the phones. Calling cards are available for purchase at Blue Spirit.

Q: Is the tap water safe to drink?
 The water at Blue Spirit is treated by a filtration system and is safe to drink.

Q: Is there a Wi-Fi connection?
Yes, there is Wi-Fi throughout the main building and every room.

Q: Are there public computers?
There is one public computer with Internet access available to guests at no cost.

Q: Can Blue Spirit accommodate those with limited mobility?
 Blue Spirit has limited accommodations for those with disabilities; please call for details. An elevator allows easy access throughout the main building, which includes the classrooms and dining room. However, Blue Spirit is located on a hill by the beach and as such the outdoor terrain is difficult to maneuver.