Omega Costa Rica

Omega Costa Rica

Please check the latest public health information regarding COVID-19 prior to your travel. This program is administered by Blue Spirit, which is responsible for on-site COVID-19 protocols and any necessary cancellations. We strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance.

You can learn, play, connect, recharge, eat well, and more at Blue Spirit in Costa Rica.

A Winter Getaway

At Blue Spirit Costa Rica, you get the best of both worlds: time to spend in workshops with world-class teachers, and time to rest, rejuvenate, and explore.

Enjoy inspiring classes with some of Omega’s top teachers in one of the most beautiful natural settings—a lush jungle with a sandy beach on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Take a trip to relax, learn, and be inspired.

Choose From:

Sampler Weeks

During weeks 1, 3, 4, and 5, sample from a wide variety of programs with Omega's acclaimed teachers. Enjoy a workshop in the morning, try another in the afternoon, or stick with the same workshop all week. You can also abandon your schedule and head to the beach.
Note: Workshops meet each day (except Wednesdays).

In-Depth Programs

In weeks 2, 6, and 7, you have the opportunity to study in-depth with a weeklong immersion program.
Note: Workshops meet each day (except Wednesdays).

See the Sleep section for all-inclusive prices, as costs will vary depending on your program and room choices.


About Blue Spirit Costa Rica

Joan Halifax Roshi describes the extraordinary physical environment at Blue Spirit.

Created by Omega cofounder Stephan Rechtschaffen, Blue Spirit is one of the foremost world-class yoga and meditation retreat centers in Costa Rica. Located in Nosara, in the northwestern part of the country, Blue Spirit is perched on a hilltop overlooking the Pacific Ocean and a three-mile sandy beach. The pristine nature and subtropical climate create the ideal environment for an unforgettable and deeply nurturing experience.

Sustainability at Blue Spirit

Blue Spirit Costa Rica shares Omega’s commitment to sustainability. It was built and is operated using the greenest possible practices available in Costa Rica in order to preserve the natural beauty of the area and the health of everyone working at and visiting Blue Spirit.

Cooling & Ventilation

  • Buildings are designed for maximum natural ventilation
  • Air conditioning units are the most eco-friendly available
  • Carbon offsets are purchased for air conditioning use
  • Refrigeration is built into a hillside to facilitate cooling


  • Water is heated by solar power
  • Shower and sink water is redirected into toilets
  • Bathrooms have no-flush urinals
  • Reclaimed water is used to irrigate gardens

Cleaning Practices & Products

  • Earth-friendly cleaning products are used throughout the facility
  • We encourage reduced frequency of washing linens

Recycling & Composting

  • Garden waste is composted
  • Paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and tin are recycled

Design & Construction

  • Small building footprints disturb as small an area as possible
  • Local FSC certified wood is used throughout buildings
  • Clay roof tiles are regional and long-lasting

See All-Inclusive Stay and While You’re Here for more information.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is internationally renowned for its spectacular nature and its friendly people.

The Place

Nestled in the southern part of Central America—an area about the size of Vermont and New Hampshire combined—Costa Rica contains about 5 percent of the world’s plant and animal species. 

Costa Rica has dedicated more than 25 percent of the nation’s land to help preserve the earth’s biodiversity with a system of national parks, biological reserves, wildlife refuges, and wildlife corridors—the largest percentage of protected areas in the world.

With impressive volcanoes, mountains in the clouds, jungles and tropical rivers, world-class surfing, and a beautiful coast, Costa Rica has long been a top destination for eco-tourists and nature enthusiasts, as well as those who simply love a beautiful country with lovely people. 

The People

Costa Ricans are affectionately known as Ticos (TEA-coes) and you would be hard pressed to find a friendlier and more welcoming culture. Perhaps that’s because Costa Rica has the longest uninterrupted democracy and has had no standing army in more than 50 years.

Blue Zone

Costa Rica is a recognized “blue zone,” a geographic area of the world where more people live past 100 years than in other places. What’s the secret to a Blue Zone community? Living a good, healthy life—which you’ll experience at Blue Spirit Costa Rica.

Other Facts About Costa Rica

  • Area: 51,100 square kilometers
  • Population: 4 million
  • Capital: San José (pop. 1 million)
  • Language: Spanish
  • Location: Central America between Nicaragua & Panama
  • Currency: Colon ($1.00 U.S.= approx. 530 colones, rate varies) Bills: 10,000, 5,000, and 1,000
  • Religion: 90 percent of Costa Ricans are Roman Catholic
  • Time Zone: Central Standard Time (They do not observe daylight savings time)