Last week at the Reboot With Joe Cross workshop, Omega’s campus had 200 Rebooters on campus, enjoying juices, getting healthy, and changing their lives, often by losing what Joe Cross calls “excess stored energy.” In his documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, film maker Joe Cross lost 80 pounds, cured himself of a chronic illness, and helped change countless lives along the way. He continues to help others at retreats like Reboot With Joe Cross at Omega.

During a week full of juicing and healthy lifestyle practices, there were five full-time juicers creating 160,000 ounces of juice, with the help of many volunteers. Joe Cross also was joined by a vibrant team of fitness professionals, nutritionists, and doctors who discussed everything from the neuroscience of food cravings and will-power to how to maintain a healthy diet and stay fit. Many former Rebooters were there as well to share their success stories and inspire and motivate others to reach their own healthy goals.

“Who you are now is from how you have lived,” Joe Cross said at the end of what proved to be a transformative week for participants. “Who you will be depends on how you live now.”

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