Omega employs about 70 core staff who live off campus and support our organization in a variety of managerial and administrative positions. They come from nearly all walks of life and join together to serve Omega’s mission to provide hope and healing to individuals and society through innovative educational experiences that awaken the best in the human spirit.

Between April and October of every year, approximately 250 seasonal staff join us to be part of something larger than themselves, practice compassionate service, and enjoy meaningful work. There may be teachers on break from school working in the garden, lawyers serving in the Dining Hall, and college students eager to gain team-building skills helping participants with luggage. Many staff in mid-life find that a season at Omega is an ideal experience during a life transition or career change. It is also perfect for young graduates and active retirees who want to participate in community living.

The service and work provided by all of these amazing individuals is integral to the successful daily operation of our campus in order to provide thousands of guests with educational workshops, conferences, retreats, and trainings that foster personal development and social change.

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