Omega CEO, Robert "Skip" Backus, responded yesterday to a New York Times article covering local community reaction to the proposed upgrade of power lines in the Hudson Valley.

In the article titled, "With Power Comes Ambivalence," a number of residents—from farmers to homeowners and real estate agents to business owners—expressed deep concern about the possible economic, health, and environmental impact of the upgrade. They also shared how they are organizing to ensure their voices are heard in the development of the final proposal for the upgrade. 

In his response, Backus said, "We need to be sure to have a full and rich conversation about all the costs involved in this proposal. It’s easy to point out numbers concerning congestion costs to businesses and residents’ utility bills, but other short and long term costs are less transparent. Let’s be sure to understand what best serves all the communities both upstate and downstate."

Read the New York Times article and Skip Backus' full response

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